Forsaken World is Coming Soon to Mobile: Official Sequel of Popular PC MMORPG

Hello Mobile Gamers, Forsaken World was developed by the Perfect World Entertainment and it was pretty successful MMORPG of that time on PC. The developers also released the Forsaken World Mobile in 2015 but it was taken back by them in 2018. Recently the developers in ChinaJoy 2019 event announced to reintroduce the game as Forsaken World Mobile. Have a look of the Forsaken World - ChinaJoy 2019 demo preview.


In Forsaken World Mobile you can dive into an impressive world of fantasy, magic, adventure, enemies, and also friends. Before start playing the game you have to choose your characters, which can belong to any of the five races; humans, elves, dwarves, stonemen, and kindred. You also have to choose a class for them to specialize in, from five different ones. The gameplay of Forsaken World Mobile is the same as the other games of the same genre. Like moving your character, interacting with other characters, accepting quests, going into dungeons, and also fighting with other players in the real-time battles against your enemies.

Apart from the normal battles against hundreds of enemies, Forsaken World Mobile also offers to the players PvP system, in which the winner absorbs the soul of the looser. By playing PvP you can earn extra rewards and experience, among other benefits. As it is going to be the Official version of the Forsaken PC, the controls adaption according to the touchscreen devices has been done really good, and it has intuitive controls.

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