Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game

When I first heard about a game that allows its players to earn cryptocurrency, I was immediately curious about how I can play the game and start earning. It soon became a very popular game all over the world and is even becoming one source of income for many people.

Axie Infinity has grown tremendously popular over the last few months for good reason. It has helped people earn a decent income while also enjoying some good gameplay.

If you want to know more about Axie Infinity and how you can play the game, check out our guide below.

  • Creature Feature Game
  • Playing with Your Axies
  • Learning More About Axies
  • Play More Games and Finish Daily Quests
  • Earning Through Selling SLPs
Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game
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Creature Feature Game

Axie Infinity is developed by Sky Mavis and is heavily inspired by the likes of Pokémon and the early days of Tamagotchi. The game is classified as an NFT game as it allows its players to earn while playing the game.


Most of the time, the game is played by breeding creatures known as Axie, raising them, and taking them into battle.

Apart from that, players are also introduced to the concept of blockchain technology which rewards its players through their contribution to the game.

Therefore, the more we play the game, the more we get to earn.


Where to Download

Before you start playing the game, I will need to teach you first how to download and get started in this game. It is quite complex so make sure to follow through with each step.

First, you need to have a digital wallet and acquire ETH. Download Ronin wallet and deposit your ETH to Ronin through Ronin bridge. Once done, you can download the app through the official website.

Through the Ronin bridge, I was able to acquire 3 Axies from the Axie market and began playing the game after setting up my account.


Learning More About Axies

An Axie is a circular creature that players can customize through proper training. They are then used in battle through the Adventure mode or through battling it with other Axies from other players. Each Axie is unique and has its own set of abilities.

Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game
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Axies have their own set of classes as well. These include Beast, Dawn, Dusk, Mecha, Bug, Aqua, Plant, Bird, and Reptile. These classes will have their strengths and weaknesses and some might be more effective against certain types while others will be less effective.

Players will have to purchase 3 Axies to be able to play the game. Axies can be purchased through the marketplace.

Choosing the right Axie can mean your entire game so always choose what you think is the best for your game and would suit your playstyle.

Customizing Axies and Their Stats

Axies can also be customized by the player through body parts. Each body part will be associated with their class and their stats. Body parts include eyes, ears, mouth, back, tail, and horns and each will add to the Axie's individuality thus gaining unique abilities that affect how players can play the game.

This is why having the best body parts for each of your Axies remain very important. I've also noticed that having better stats meant having a better win rate, meaning I get to win more games. Stats like hit points, skill, speed, and morale affect the way Axie and myself as a player play the game.

Experiment with your Axie's stats and see how they can help you boost your win rate and win more games.

Playing with Your Axies

Now that you know what Axies are and that you can customize them to boost their stats, it is time to learn how to play using your chosen Axie.

Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game
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Axie Infinity is much like playing Pokémon together with any turn-based card game. In Axie Infinity, you get to control Axies and command them to do different actions.

Players will have four random cards each to play at the start. Playing the cards will require you to use your energy.

Each card will have its own set of attacks and abilities however, they attack in random or to the closest opponent. It is always best to properly position your Axie to avoid critical damage.

Winning Games Is Important

Winning a match will let players earn Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP) as a reward. Losing won't earn you any SLP but will reduce your MMR.

While losing games is not the most ideal situation for any player, it is not the end of the world. It is always best to win more games to increase your MMR. Having a good MMR also allows players to win more SLP. I'll let you know why SLPs are important in this game later on.

Players with low MMR especially those under 800 will not be able to gain any SLP until they reach 800 and above. By 1,000, players can have 3 SLP per win up to 12 SLP upon reaching 2,200+ MMR.

Play More Games and Finish Daily Quests

To get more SLPs, one would have to play the game a lot more than what they want to. This way, players will have the chance to earn more MMR points. I've found a good way to earn MMR points but players should also remember that experience is also needed to gain more MMR.

Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game
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There are two ways to gain experience in this game. One is through PvP or fighting another player or you can always go for PvE or against a computer. Daily quests also add a bit of experience once you accomplish them.

Most of the time, these daily quests are all about finishing a set of actions in the game or winning several games and will reward you with SLPs. Find a good balance in playing both PvP and PvE game modes to enjoy the game and help you earn MMR and SLPs.

You can then use the SLPs to breed your Axies with others and raise more powerful ones to use in battle or you can also sell them in the marketplace.

Splitting Energy to Get the Most Out of Farming

Farming for SLP can be quite difficult especially for new players who are gated with only 20 energy to spare every day. However, there is an effective method in using my energy to the best value. This starts on the first day that I play the game and throughout the first two weeks.

Every day, I focus on gaining experience through Adventure mode. Whenever I run out of energy, I just pop into PvP or Arena to complete the daily quests. After the first two weeks, I then split the energy by playing Adventure mode and then another 10 for Arena.

One way to increase my win rate is by dropping my MMR from around 1,100 to 1,150. This allows me to train my Axies and learn more combos to win more games. After that, I can win at least 80% of my games, allowing me to climb the MMR leaderboard faster which, in turn, brings in more SLPs.

Earning Through Selling SLPs

As mentioned before, SLPs can also help players earn money in the game by playing. SLPs are reward items that we can collect after playing the game. They are earned as a reward through the daily quests that I have previously mentioned.

Axie Infinity - Learn How to Play this Game
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SLPs are represented by an ERC-20 token which means they can be used, traded, or exchanged within the Ethereum blockchain.

Ultimately, this means each SLP has real-world value to them so it is a precious commodity that each player needs to get to earn more money.

All the SLPs that I have earned throughout the game can then be withdrawn from the platform after 14 days of undergoing tremendous amounts of scrutiny to prevent any malicious activity.

Selling Axies

There are more than 140,000 different types of Axies currently in the game. Each of them has its unique abilities and offers something different in battle. These Axies can be bred, raised, and sold in the marketplace for a good amount.

I've mentioned before that having SLPs is important. Since SLPs help you earn, Selling Axies starts at around $1 and can reach as much as millions of dollars if you are lucky enough to get one.

Most of the time, these Axies are purchased through the use of ETH which people can convert into real money.


People from all over the world have quit their jobs and started playing Axie Infinity for all the income possibilities that the game has provided. I would rather suggest that you play at least 2-3 hours a day in order to earn a decent income through the game.

It is quite fun to learn that a game this simple could also be a gateway to earn hundreds of dollars so go ahead and try it out.