How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games

Working from home can sometimes be very challenging. Unlike working in the office, I don't get a lot of people around me where I can have small talk, especially when I'm bored or once I am done with work and I have nothing to do.


There are a lot of ways for me to entertain myself even when I am taking my short break from work and whenever I get bored from working tirelessly, I just check my browser and launch Google Doodle Games just to pass the time or distract me from boredom.

Google Doodle Games are a great way to ease my boredom. It can sometimes help refresh my creativity when I get back to work after a few minutes of playing. Learn more about these games in the article below.

  • About Google Doodle Games
  • Playing Some of the Best Google Doodle Games
  • The Classic Rubik's Cube
  • Quick, Draw!
  • Play Pac-Man
How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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About Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games are Google's interactive browser games set on Google's homepage. These are mostly low graphic games that are played on the browser to keep us entertained while working from home.

How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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Google has made an effort to keep all of us entertained by promoting gaming. Most of the time, Google showcases different games each month for its users to play.

Google Doodle Games are always entertaining if I need some time off from work or if I want to break the boredom from working all the time.

The best part about these games apart from being easily accessible on my computer is that there is no need for any controller. These games are also rather discreet so I can always sneak in a few games or so while working.

How to Play Google Doodle Games

Now that I have let you in on a secret, it is time to teach you how to access Google Doodle Games on your computer. First, you need to launch your browser - Google Chrome might be the best one for you. Type the word Google on the address bar and it should load up the main Google page.

Click the Google logo and it will direct you to another page. You should be able to see the game featured for that month or within a specific time so you can just click on the game and it will open a new page.

The page will then feature the fullscreen version of the game and you can either start playing or read the instructions first on how to play the game if you are unfamiliar with it.

Playing Some of the Best Google Doodle Games

A quick run through the Google Doodle archives would immediately tell me that there has been a lot of Google Doodle games in the past. Many of these have been very popular when they first appeared on the website and I have rounded out some of the best that the site has to offer.

How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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The first one would have to be Pony Express. In honor of the 155th anniversary of the game, Google has decided to make this game available for the rest of us.

Pony Express lets me play as a mail delivery man on his pony with the objective to deliver mail to the nearest town and of course, it wouldn't be much of a game if there were no obstacles along the way.

Ice Cream Versus Pepper

If delivering mail isn't what you describe as fun, how about an ice cream that tries to defeat the nasty spicy peppers?

The Scoville Game honors Wilbur Scoville to a great extent that is both respectful and fun for the legendary chemist. To win, players must hit the right spot to freeze the pepper.

The best part about the game is that you also learn more about the different heat levels of each pepper while also learning the history of how Wilbur Scoville discovered milk as an antidote to the spiciness and the heat of a pepper.

The Classic Rubik's Cube

Probably one of the most popular Google Doodle game features on the website. The goal of playing Rubik's Cube is very simple.

How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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Solve the puzzle cube by matching all the colors into one side of the cube while ensuring that all the other colors match the other side as well.

There have been many tournaments that showcase how fast players can solve the cube. Now, it is our time to practice even without the need to have the real one through this Google Doodle game.

Spin Some Records

For the musically inclined people out there, check out Hip-Hop as you throwback to some old-school hip hop jams and dig deeper into the cultural significance of this music genre. As part of the celebration of the birth of Hip Hop, Google has made the effort in providing us with a game that allows us to transform the turntable into an instrument of expression.

Learn the different techniques, the history of the genre, and the groundbreaking contributions of artists like James Brown to the genre of hip hop.

Recapture the essence of what old-school hip hop is like through this Google Doodle game. While I am not a true hip-hop fan, this game has made me appreciate this genre of music even more after playing.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! was so popular at the time that it was released that Google created a separate website for players to keep on playing this wildly entertaining and fun game.

How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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The premise of the game was rather very simple. All I needed to do was to draw the suggested word as quickly as possible and Google will try to guess what it is.

It was a way to challenge Google's neural network accuracy when it comes to drawing images that helped a lot with machine learning research.

I think this was probably the reason why it got its website so that players can continue to contribute their drawings to the research and have fun at the same time.

Play Basketball

With so many games available on this platform, it was only a matter of time before a beloved arcade game made its way to Google Doodle Games.

Basketball is another popular classic game that has debuted on this platform in 2012 that had over 1 billion gameplays in just four days after it was released. It was so popular on the platform that Google decided to keep the game within the site.

The game is very simple. All I have to do is make as many shots as possible within the 24-second time. The game's developer was inspired by the time he spent with his brother playing basketball at their elementary school gym which makes this game even more interesting and endearing.

Play Pac-Man

Of course, I wouldn't be able to make a Google Doodle Games list like this if it wasn't for one of the classic games that made its way into the Google Doodle platform - Pac-Man. The popular arcade game made its way to the platform on the 30th anniversary on May 21, 2010.

How to Play the Popular Google Doodle Games
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It was a natural fit for the Google homepage as all the ghosts and Pac-Man himself all made up the Google logo.

The game's straightforward mechanics but the relatively in-depth strategy was very popular during its launch and it became one of the most played doodle games in Google history.

This version recaptured the original's spectacle and fit it with its version using the Google logo as the maze. Pac-Man on Google Doodle is the perfect way to beat boredom especially when you are in the middle of delivering all those emails at the end of the day.

Magic Cat Academy

Halloween is the best time to play witches and wizards and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit by playing Magic Cat Academy straight from your browser.

The game was inspired by a real-life black cat and turned this inspiration into a game where players control Momo as the titular magical black cat who is on a mission to save her academy from evil spirits.

The concept of the game is very simple yet there is something quite magical about a black cat casting spells left and right to deflect spirits from the school of magic. Check this game out if you are fond of cat games while also in the mood for some spooky fun during Halloween this year.


While these are just some of the games that I have played over at the Google Doodle website, there are still more games to discover hidden within Google Doodle archives.

Check out some of the popular games and discover the reason why they were created in the first place. I was drawn into some of these games after reading the history behind their development.