Rogue Games is Bringing 5 New Games On Google Play Pass

Rogue Games has just announced to release 5 news mobile games for Google Play Pass mobile game subscription service. These games are Outsider, The Arcade, Bright Paw, Olo Loco, and Super Glitch Dash. The announcement was made on the official youtube channel of the Rogue Games, where they have recently published short videos of each game announcing them to be soon coming on Google Play Pass.

Here is the brief introduction about each of the five games:



It is an existential horror adventure game that challenges the players to solve puzzles as they unlock the secrets of a narrative in which mankind seems to have gone mysteriously extinct.

Bright Paw


It is a narrative-driven puzzle experience in which the players play as a curious cat determined to solve the murder of his supervillain owner. On the journey, you will unravel a plot and solve increasingly complex tactical puzzles.

Super Glitch Dash

In Super Glitch Dash you play as a twitch runner that defies gravity and turns the world upside-down as players race through maze-like environments and dodge hazards.


Olo Loco

It is a minimalist social multiplayer game inspired by shuffleboard. Challenge friends or random players to intensely strategic asynchronous matches.

The Arcade

Play more than 20 unique retro classics inspired by the games you grew up with.

Each of the above games will launch this summer on Google Play Pass. Additional titles will be announced later this summer and arriving in the fall.

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About Google Play Pass:

Google Play Pass is a game and apps subscription service by Google for Android devices. It was launched in 2019 in the US. Subscribers can access the included apps and games without ads and in-app purchases with a monthly subscription costing $4.99.