Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars

Role-playing games will always be one of the more interesting games to play due to the many possibilities and outcomes that they provide. 


Not only does this type of game allow me to choose my path, but it also provides me with complex decisions that will impact how I play the game. While many role-playing games are available for mobile today, Hero Wars is still one of the most challenging and most interesting RPGs in the genre.

Learning how to play Hero Wars is not going to be easy, so you will need all the help you can get. In this article, I will teach you the following:

  • Hero Wars: Gather Your Heroes
  • Balancing Heroes In Hero Wars
  • Farming Gold In Hero Wars
  • Complete The Tower In Hero Wars
  • Get Free Boxes In Hero Wars
Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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Hero Wars: Gather Your Heroes

Hero Wars is a mobile role-playing game where you gather heroes and fight against Archdemon and his army. Recruit as many heroes as possible and gather them to battle with different enemies. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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Unlock their skills and their full potential to power up your hero and be able to defeat more dangerous monsters. Challenge other players in the multiplayer PvP arena and see which team of heroes is the best. 

Fight against other players or through hordes of different monsters and bosses for rewards and items. Jump straight into the adventure with Hero Wars.

Hero Wars is currently available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.

Getting Started In Hero Wars

In this game, I start by recruiting different heroes to join me on my quest to defeat Archdemon. The game is played on auto most of the time, so I don't have to worry about positioning or even trying to use my hero's skills. 

However, I still need to upgrade their skills and equip them with better gear to ensure that my team survives each battle. Speaking of upgrades, I will need gold to buy potions to help level up my heroes and enhance their combat skills. 

This will help me win more battles in the game and soon defeat stronger enemies and receive even better rewards and items.

Balancing Heroes In Hero Wars

Each team will consist of 5 heroes, so choosing the right hero is essential when playing this game. Each hero brings something to the table, so I suggest making your team as diverse as possible. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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There are different types of heroes in this game which range from tanks to DPS to healers. I've found out that the best way to handle different situations in the game is to create a balanced team. 

The team must have at least one hero in every position. This means that I will need to have a tank, healer, mage, marksman, and support on my team for it to be effective. Another important factor when trying to build a team of heroes is their synergy. 

Make sure that the skills of each hero on the team synergize well with each other. Some heroes work better when paired with certain heroes, so go ahead and mix and match to see which ones work best.

Avoid Auto-Battle In Hero Wars

Battles in Hero Wars can be played through auto-battle. While there are many advantages in doing so, I always want to make sure that I get to control the battle at all times, especially during the tougher ones. 

Disabling the auto-battle feature during more challenging battles can often lead me to a more well-rounded decision that will result in a better outcome.

If you find yourself in a challenging position, make sure to avoid auto-battle and play the game yourself so that you will have no issues completing the stage.

Farming Gold In Hero Wars

Gold is one of the most important resources in Hero Wars. It is needed to level up your heroes and their skills and level up their equipment. I suggest that you keep your gold expenditures to a minimum at best when dealing with other aspects of the game.

Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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However, there are times that I would have to spend some of my gold; believe me when I say that my gold reserve is quickly depleted in most cases.

I've seen some people try to farm as much gold in the game as possible, but all of them tend to be very insufficient and highly ineffective. 

Here is what I found to be far more effective in farming gold in Hero Wars.

Hero Wars Daily Quests 

Many mobile games tend to have daily quests that will allow their players to play the game and receive rewards to help them in the game. Hero Wars is no different and offers a plethora of daily quests for you to complete. 

In return, I receive good amounts of gold and several other rewards that will help me level up my heroes and their skills and equipment. These daily quests are rather easy to complete since you will be playing the game. 

Most of the missions relate to the game, so I don't need to focus on meeting all the requirements when playing. However, I still have to pay attention to all the objectives, so I don't have to repeat the mission if I don't meet the required criteria.

Complete The Tower In Hero Wars

Many new players might be tempted to complete all the daily quests in one go. While I do think that it is highly recommended if you want to earn gold quickly in this game, there are many other things that you can do to earn even more gold. One of which is through completing the Tower.

Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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The Tower is a feature in the game where you battle through different hordes of enemies on every floor until you reach the top. The best advice that I can give to you when going through the Tower is to avoid increasing your overall team level as the Tower's difficulty matches your team level instead of the level of your heroes.

Be careful when doing the Tower, especially if you have low-level heroes but have a high team level, which will make the tower far more difficult for you. I would rather suggest that you focus on leveling your heroes first than increasing your team level. 

By then, you should finish the Tower and enjoy the rewards such as high amounts of gold, tower points, loots, and even rare purple items.

Replay The Hero Wars Campaign

While it might not be a good source of gold for your team of heroes, replaying the campaign repeatedly will still net you a good amount of gold that is enough to provide a good level or two for your heroes. 

The more I replay the campaign, the more items and potions I get for a better experience and good resources for my heroes.

Most of the heroes you have might also need some Soul Stones that are among the possible rewards for some of the missions in the campaign. Make sure to collect all of them and gather enough gold for your next venture.

Get Free Boxes In Hero Wars

Free Boxes are located at the lower right corner of the main screen. I would only need to tap on one of them to initiate a video that I can watch to earn one of the possible rewards. These rewards include hold, energy, experience, Grand Arena coins, or a Soul Stone. 

Learn How To Get Coins In Hero Wars
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I understand that it won't always give you gold as a reward, but the other rewards are also worth it. 

The Soul Stones are probably the most difficult to get, and the gold is most likely the easiest, so make sure to take advantage of this option to get a bit of gold into your pocket.

Watch Videos For Gold

Another option that I have discovered in farming gold in this game, apart from going through the Free Boxes, is to go to the Theater. The Theater can be accessed by tapping the plus button just beside the Energy option. 

I'll get some tickets first so I can watch ads on the app. Hero Wars will only let me watch a few ads per day with the given tickets, so I still need to be careful with how much I want to use those tickets. 

I would suggest that you save those tickets first and then use those tickets in one go if you are in dire need of gold in the game.


Hero Wars is a very fun roleplaying game to play on mobile. Its addictive and highly strategic gameplay makes for a lot of good times. 

From someone who enjoys playing a game that allows me to build a team of heroes to battle, I hope that the tips given above will help you earn more gold and build a proper team against different types of enemies.