Genshin Impact: Let’s Find The Unseen Razor The Oceanid Boss

Genshin Impact- The top chart RPG Action Game is all about the decision making strategy at each step in the game, having an alternate result. The game is very diverse, comprising of different locations having a different monster, defeating whom, the players can complete quests and win rewards.


The decision making strategy is with regard to the combination of various elements in order to perform unique attacks on the enemy. The Unseen Razor Quest is a great quest which the players are curious to find in the game.

While looking for a specific sword, Lan was able to find the commission-based quest of The Unseen Razor which is associated with task-changing for everyone. Talking with Lan will result in the provision of a set of enemies which the players need to defeat in the battlefield by fighting with them.

The enemy could be different for different players as it is a commission based quest. It could be either Ruin Guard or Hilichurls. When the enemy has been defeated, the players need to come back to Lan and report their victory. The quest thus stands completed.

The game is associated with bosses as well. The bosses have a characteristic difficulty level in the game. One of the bosses is The Oceanid who has a unique combating style as it does not level down easily. The players do not have to battle directly with the Oceanid, but they need to fight the small bosses created by the big boss Oceanid using the water present in the area around.

The damage given to the mini bosses is directly inflicted to the actual boss- Oceanid. The players should be prepared with their skills in order to defeat the minions of the Oceanid as they are determined and strong.

Keeping a safe distance from the enemy by waging a ranged battle using an Amber can aid in killing the Oceanid. Other tricks include implementation of Pyro or electro character against itas Anemo or Cryo would be of no use.The players need to be well prepared to deal with crabs that cause them hindrance while battling.

Stamina meter should be checked upon by the players as they evade the enemy by staying alert with respect to the platforms that disappear occasionally as well. The players need a stock of food in their bags as part of the well prepared perfect skill set. An experience of 2 characters with a cut off level of at least 40 Is required by the players to defeat them easily.

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