ANCIENT BATTLE - The first-ever new genre game to be co-developed by Lion Studios

Aiming to provide the gaming industry with the best of unique mobile games, Lion Studios is glad to announce the launch of a new addition to their list – ANCIENT BATTLE. Ancient battle is a unique battle simulation that combines strategy tactics with hybrid-casual mobile game mechanics. This new genre pairs the mechanics from io, PvP, and strategy games. The game is co-developed by Chinese studio Mandrill VR.


In this ultimate war between the kings for legendary victory, you play as a King! You fight in the heroic battles to maintain your name as a king and survival!

The first impression is the last chance to stand out and as Ancient battle is the first game Lion studios co-developed with another studio, so it comes with a lot of efficient new features. Mandrill VR worked with this team across time zones to reimagine all of the characters, buildings, and particle effects and paired this with custom sound effects to give the game a fully-immersive, high-quality finish.

Quality Traits of the game:

A new and unique genre

With Ancient Battle, Lion Studios is expanding into a new genre of mobile games called – ‘hybrid-casual’ which combines deeper meta systems with intuitive core mechanics. This new genre evolved as developers began to diversify hyper-casual games and shifted their design mindset to appeal to a new segment of players.

We're constantly pushing the boundaries, whether it's crafting new genres or blending elements of hyper-casual and mid-core gameplay. Ancient Battle is a testament to our team's innovative spirit and ability to execute on a project of this scope efficiently” said Nicholas Le, President of Lion Studios.

Easy yet addictive mechanics

Recruit your army, conquer your opponents, and bolster your brigade towards victory! You have to do just this while witnessing various adventures in your way. The game is that simple yet the great strategies and the determination to win will make you addicted to this game.

Great eye-pleasing graphics

Discover the graphically beautiful and mystical lands in your journey. From the troops to the land, to the houses - experience captivating visuals. The high-quality finish has been made possible with the constant hard work of the team behind the game’s graphics.

Step up your game level

The card collecting gives Ancient Battle a unique take on the io battle system. There is no limit to how strong you can become. Your growth may not see any end, so buckle up and me the mightiest king there even can be.

Raise the competition with the leaderboard

Track your growth with the global leaderboard. Compete with the top players around the world and strive to reach the top.

High-quality content

Encounter epic troops with special abilities, and assemble your army with the help of powerful allies. Travel through the land to collect unique items and discover rare runes in a fight for your rightful ownership of land. The Battlepasses, new maps, and updating content will not let the game run out of excitement.

Have you got what it takes to be at the top? The journey is not going to be effortless. The path is full of enemies eyeing on the throne of the king. So, Hurry Up, download the game, and be the greatest king of the time!