Genshin Impact: Locations Of The Rust Bow And It's Properties

The latest 2020 top chart game Genshin Impact, is enriched with a wholesome content of a broad storyline and various characters. The players are provided with elements that serve as resources to be used in combinations to defeat the enemies and other big monsters, thereby completing quests and winning rewards.


The game has a bow made of iron called the Rust Bow, which serves as an excellent weapon. The Rust Bow requires special powers to be lifted to be used for firing arrows.

Genshin Impact: Location and properties of The Rust Bow

An exclusive property of the Rust Bow is an increase in the percentage of the damage caused by it and is thus known passively as “Rapid Firing.” Since every coin has two sides, the Rust Bow advantage is the significant decrease in the resolution of the aim to be focused on. Other characteristics include a rarity of 4 stars, a base attack at level 1-42, and a 9% secondary stat at level 1.

Genshin Impact Best Bows List:

Amos’ Bow

It has the most serious base attack damage of 46 at level 1, thus acquiring the tag of the best bow in Genshin Impact. Its resolution for the aim increases along with the increase in the damage produced by an arrow from its air-time from 0.1 to 0.5 seconds.

Skyward Harp

It has the second-highest base attack damage of 45 at level 1. It has an attack with a passively increasing critical damage inflicting an attack which is limited to a small area.

Blackcliff Warbow

It has the third-best base attack damage of 44 at level 1, with the activation of its passive abilities after the defeat of the enemy, and an increase of 30 seconds in the duration of the attack permitting the performance of maximum 3 stacks.

Sacrificial bow

It has the fourth-highest base attack damage of 43 in level 1. In every 11-15 seconds, it can attack passively after defeating the enemy.

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