Towerlands RPG Game Launched For iOS And Android

Towerlands is a new tower defense game that is launched for iOS and Android devices. Black Bears is the developer behind this new strategy game.

In this game, the players have the responsibility of defending the tower as a lord. This game requires creative strategies to top the game. The size of the tower grows on as the game progresses, and the main aim is to make it big and mighty for the opponents.


The key to strengthening the tower is to bring and train the knights. The players can rule not only the castle but also the whole kingdom. Players can allocate the bases where the knights can be trained and can contribute to the growth of the tower.

These knights can be placed within the castle walls, which aids the towers while defending the attacks from the enemies. Overall this game Towerlands is a combination of RPG, Tower defense, and strategy planning.

Towerlands is free to play and is available on the Play Store and App Store. So what are you waiting for, grab the game, and start building the clan.