Ninja’s Creed 3D Lands on Android and iOS

707 Interactive has unveiled its new game Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin. 707 Interactive is popular for publishing games such as Sniper Honor and Candy Charming. The premise of Ninja’s Creed is to step into the shoes of an assassin and take out the criminal leaders in the city. The “bow and arrow concept” definitely makes this game an extremely interesting one.

Official Google Play Trailer

Gameplay and Features

The Bow and Arrow assassination concept definitely makes this game very unique. Here’s some of the most eye-catching features of the gameplay.

  1. The game has extremely good graphics design which helps the game stand out above the competition visually.
  2. Great level design with enough variation in levels and areas to keep the gameplay fresh.
  3. Great first person animations to add another dimension of realism to the game.
  4. The game also has a skill tree system which allows you to become stronger as you progress.
  5. Relatively simple controls and easy to learn mechanics, making this a great choice for casual players.
  6. Apart from this, the game has a great campaign and a lot of unlockable and upgradable items to keep the players engaged.
In-game snap

Ninja’s Creed: First Impressions

Ninja’s Creed does a great job of balancing out visual and gameplay mechanics. The game is easy to get into due to the simple controls. The fact that it is one of the better-looking games among its competition definitely helps. The gameplay is innovative and unique in the world of FPS games. The story is fairly long and the side quests make it last a bit longer. All in all, this makes this game a compelling title for casual players and hardcore gamers alike. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

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