Merge Gardens by Future Play is Now Out on Android and iOS

The latest game by Future play studios has been globally released today. The title is called Merge Gardens, and it is a casual game with fantastic graphics that immerses you in a stunning garden where you have to get the most you can out of all the elements.


In the game, your goal is to help a girl make the whole thing look picture perfect and to do so; you will require to merge different elements to form new ones appear and help the garden evolve.

The gameplay is straightforward and based on touching the indicated elements. As you complete challenges and progress in Merge Gardens, you will unlock more resources. But as the garden area increases, the game will get more challenging as you will have to take care of the entire garden. So make sure you have good management skills before you jump into this game.

Overall, Merge Gardens is a delightful game. It's a casual game that offers tons of resources that keeps you entertained throughout as your whip the beautiful garden into the shape. Time and again, you can sit back and watch the animals who come to visit your garden.

So if Merge Gardens sounds something you should have on your mobile devices to kill time while you are on a subway, then you are in luck because the game has just been globally released, and you can now get it for free via Google Play or Apple Appstore.

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