COD Mobile Season 11 To Be The Biggest In-Game Update Ever

We recently posted about Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Update, which will also be the time when Activision will be celebrating the first anniversary of the game. No doubt October will be a big month for all the Call of Duty Mobile Players because firstly, there is Halloween, then Season 11 Update, and most importantly of all, the celebration of COD Mobile’s First Anniversary. But the Season 11 Update of COD Mobile will not be just one of the best, but the biggest update in the game, claims Activision.


Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Update will be the biggest update in the game

Recently an interview video of Chris Plumer (Vice President of Activision) had surfaced in which when he was asked about the next step for Call of Duty Mobile, he stated that He is super excited about the First Anniversary of COD Mobile coming up in October. The developers are all set to go crazy in the upcoming anniversary update, or lets say Season 11 update. 

In the end, he said that the upcoming Season 11, or let’s say the Anniversary update, is going to be the biggest season/update by far, and there is a lot of really interesting stuff coming in the game along with this update.

However, as of now, Activision has not officially confirmed what all new things are actually coming with the Season 11 update, but few things have already got leaked, such as night maps, battle royale map changes, new maps, etc. We have already covered the Season 11 leaks in our previous post.

When will Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Release?

Call of Duty Mobile’s first anniversary is exactly on 1st October, but on that particular date, only a few in-game events will be released to celebrate the anniversary date. The actual big anniversary update will be released in the game alongside Season 11 update, which is scheduled to arrive in Mid-October.

How excited are you for Call of Duty Mobile’s Anniversary Update? We can’t wait to play the night maps. Anyways it just a matter of few days, the official sneak-peaks of the upcoming update will soon be posted on the official twitter handle of CODM, and everything will be clear. So that is it for now; stay tuned with MobileModeGaming for all the latest call of duty mobile news and updates.