The Most Anticipated Hack & Slash Game 'Bangbang Rabbit' Is Releasing Soon For Mobile Devices

Ever wanted a game with cute rabbits with admiring their cuteness as well as having them all badass like when slaying enemies? Bang bang Rabbit is the game which fits all the criteria of fun to play hack and slash game.

The game offers a simple mechanic of showing off your combat skills without complicating anything whatsoever. And like any fighting game you can gain experience points by slaying your enemies and obtaining skills to go up against even stronger opponents.


The game also offers many arsenals of weapons at your disposal, where depending on how the player uses can put down persistent enemies with resilient HP. As well as many varieties of armors which can add a great level of protection against damage inflicted from bosses and other enemies. With that being said let's delve more into the details of bang-bang Rabbit.

Other gameplay features of Bangbang Rabbit:

Bang bang Rabbit makes use of 2D side-scrolling platform for delivering the best and simple visuals so gamers can immerse more in the combat of the game. With the addition of random events that can trigger anytime and yield many rewards for the players if successfully completed. Another impressive feature this game boasts of is it's simple and fun fighting mechanics with implementing a simple approach, compared to other hack and slash games where reflexes are a given if you want to survive.


The game also has very responsive and intuitive touch screen controls, which makes the game more fun and enjoyable to play. Another hidden qualities this game possesses from any other side-scrolling adventure games is that it features everything a roguelike elements fans enjoys.

Which consists of having the liberty to choose rogues like choices and most important perma-death. Meaning once your playable characters die, it remains forever which the players have to restart the game and use different characters, in addition to turn-based elements. Meaning the game will respond when the players make an action with the character. This allows the players to make quick judgments like determining the optimal strategy for dealing with a certain monster and when to fall back if outnumbered by enemies.

That's it for this post! The Bang bang Rabbit is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android devices.