Pokemon Masters EX Is Hosting New Event 'Family Ties' Bringing Three New Sync Pairs & More!

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, Pokemon Masters EX is bringing a new event "Family Ties" for it's dedicated fan base. Which will run from today to September 30. As a bonus for veterans and new players, the developers are giving 3,000 gems to their gift box to celebrate Pokemon Masters EX's birthday.


The story of Family Ties will be focused on the central sun and moon characters Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine as they try to get along with each other and learn how to battle together as a team. In the gameplay, players will fight battles to collect travel tokens which will help them progress through the events map. Does Pokemon Masters EX has additional bonus content for its one month? Read on more to know more about the "family ties" event and what else it has in store for the players.

What Is Featuring In The 'Family Ties' Event?

There will be plenty of items to collect through this event, which includes a 3 star and 4-star power-up, Tech moves candy coin, and a Strike moves candy coin. The event will also showcase 17 missions to complete which will reward the player with a combination of gems and medals fro beating specific areas and meeting set requirements.

Family Ties event will also feature the addition of three new sync pairs. Which the game will fully implement over time. In the meantime, players can search for Lusamine and Phermosa of their own volition. From 14th to 17th September Gladion, Silvally, Lillie, and Celfairy will receive their own Spotlight scouts respectively. All three of them will continue until October 1st.

For the next four days the only new sync pair will be Lusamine and Phermosa. The game first time featured an Ultra Beast in Pokemon EX franchise. They're ranked 5 star special strike with fully upgraded sync grind. In addition to evolving with 6 star EX. It possess bug typing and vulnerable to fire attacks.

Pokemon Masters is available in App Store and Google Play. It's a free to play game with in-app purchases.