PUBG Mobile Players Can Now Ban Hackers in The Game Themselves

Yes, it is true, now PUBG Mobile Players will soon get the power to ban hackers in the game. Tencent Games has announced that they will soon be introducing a system in the game where a group of players will decide by watching the gameplay of a suspected player that he is a hacker or not. And if the majority agrees that something is fishy, then the alleged player will be handed over a 10-year ban.


How PUBG Mobile Team Counter Hackers Currently:

If we take any multiplayer game, the main problem is that you will encounter hackers no matter how hard the developers try to keep the game safe. The developers introduce a new security patch to stop hackers. Then the hackers soon break into the new version, and the developers have to introduce a new security patch again, and this cycle keeps going on.

In Big titles Like PUBG Mobile, the developers also have a separate team that just keeps monitoring the game's security. Few members of the teams look into hackers and ban them manually. Currently, in PUBG Mobile, there are two methods of countering hackers. The main is the Automatic Anti-Cheat system, which automatically identifies the hackers and bans them. However, some of the players use advance hacks that easily bypass this Anti-Cheat system; therefore, when players like you and me report these hackers, the PUBG Mobile Security team manually looks into the matter and bans the hacker.

Problem with the Current PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat System:

Daily thousands of players get reported some are actually hackers, while some are just good players. And it is not humanly possible to check all these reports manually and ban them. I mean, it is possible, but which game studios will want to spend millions of dollars just for this. And this is why all the game studios prefer an automatic anti-cheat system.

But hackers have become smart they can easily bypass the PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat system, and if there is no one who is manually reviewing the reported players, then such hackers will keep on playing the game and ruins the matches of other players.

PUBG Mobile New Review video footage Feature

The developer of PUBG Mobile has used their mind and concluded that if the game players themselves can ban the hackers, then how easy their job will become. Furthermore, it will make the game completely hacker free. This is why they have shared the news about their upcoming feature called 'Review Video Footage' in PUBG Mobile.

The team has always committed to providing the player with a fair and healthy gaming environment. Therefore we will soon be releasing a new feature called Review Video Footage to support this goal further.

PUBG Mobile Team

The review station will be a part of the anti-cheat system in PUBG Mobile, where players will get to review video footage and determine whether there is any cheating taking place. When most players find a video clip containing such evidence, the case will be officially sent to the PUBG Mobile team to ban the players. The inspection process is as follows:

  1. A player is reported for suspicious activity by players in-game or within the community.
  2. A battle replay video is generated from the suspicious player's perspective.
  3. The video is randomly distributed to multiple player investigators.
  4. Investigators analyze the video.
  5. A majority confirms that the video contains evidence of cheating.
  6. The official PUBG MOBILE team reviews the violation.
  7. The cheating player is permanently suspended from the game.

When will Video Review Station Feature Release in PUBG Mobile?

As of now, this new anti-cheat system is currently being tested internally. The Video Review Station is scheduled for launch in early September, most probably alongside the PUBG Mobile 1.0 Version.

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PUBG Mobile team believes that the players and developers can work together and crackdown on cheaters and maintain a fair gaming environment. They have also requested the player to actively take part in this and help speed up the process of identifying cheaters and better understand the latest cheating methods. So you will help or not? Do let us know in the comments section below.