Free Fire VIP Event Complete Details: Get VIP Benefits For 7 Days

After releasing the first edition in May 2020, the second edition of the VIP event has come to the game with name as 'VIP 2.0'. It is going to be the last edition of the Free Fire VIP Event because it will be there for the permanent duration under the Events tab.


It is a 7-day subscription event, in which you can get all VIP benefits for 7 days by paying just 99 diamonds. After going through the complete details mentioned below, you would not hesitate to pay the diamonds. Event this time, developers have introduced a 1-day free trial system for once.

How To Get Free Fire VIP 1 Day Trial Free?

To get the Free Fire VIP access for free for a day, go to the event section and click on the 'FREE TRIAL' button. After that, click on 'Confirm.' Now you have become the VIP member of Free Fire for a day and can available all the benefits explained below under this event for a day. Whether you buy the subscription or not, you should definitely take this 1-day trial.

How To Buy Free Fire VIP Membership In VIP Event?

Enter the VIP event lobby and click on the 'Upgrade Now' button, and click on 'Confirm.' There are a lot of benefits of upgrading to the VIP in the Free Fire VIP Event. As soon as you buy the subscription, you get Double Gold Card (7 Days), Double Exp. Card (7 Days), and Cube Fragment (x1) instantly. Apart from that, the benefits are divided into four categories explained below.

Daily Gifts

In the event lobby, under the 'Daily Gifts' tab, you can claim daily Universal Fragment (x100), Gold Coins (x100), and FF Token (x3) for seven days. To claim these gifts, just log in to the game and head to the VIP event lobby.

VIP Gear

In VIP Gear tab, you get the 7 days trial of the Legendary Gun skins. There are 12 options available; out of that, you can choose any 5 of your choice. Make your selection wisely, as once selected, you cannot change them later. This prize pool refreshes in 33 days.

VIP Event Legendary Skins Include:
  1. Dragon AK
  2. Aurous Dragon Scar
  3. Star General M4A1
  4. Vampire Famas
  5. Carrot-Nator AN94
  6. Santa M60
  7. Fiery M1014
  8. Lunar MP40
  9. Phantom P90
  10. Hunger UMP
  11. Water Balloon AK
  12. Venom M4A1

VIP Shop

By buying the subscription, you get the VIP Shop access for 7 days. VIP shop is the place where items available in diamonds can be purchased by paying the gold coins. The prize pool refreshes in 33 days.

Items Available In VIP Shop Includes:
  1. Prosperity Shoes - Gold Coins (x3,000)
  2. Beast In The Sky (Parachute) - Gold Coins (x3,000)
  3. Lucky Red (Bottom) - Gold Coins (x5,000)
  4. Zombie Corpse (Loot Crate) - Gold Coins (x5,000)
  5. Thug Life (Specs) - Gold Coins (x5,000)
  6. Haunted Dawn - Gold Coins (x5,000)
  7. 4. Double Prosperity (Top) - Gold Coins (x8,000)
  8. Turtle Shell (Backpack) - Gold Coins (x8,000)

VIP Crate

If you buy this 7 day VIP membership from the event, you get 1 VIP crate after every match with a maximum limit of 10 per day. There are various rewards you can get out of the crates. The prize pool refreshes in 33 days.

  1. Top Pastry Chef (Top)
  2. Top Chef (Top)
  3. Top Pastry Chef (Bottom)
  4. Top Chef (Bottom)
  5. Top Pastry Chef (Head)
  6. Top Chef (Head)
  7. Top Pastry Chef (Shoes)
  8. Top Chef (Shoes)
  9. Diamond Royale Voucher
  10. Gold Royale Voucher
  11. Pet Food
  12. Bounty Token
  13. resupply Map
  14. Summon Airdrop
  15. Bonfire
  16. Scan
  17. Gold Coins (x100)
  18. Gold Coins (x50)
  19. Gold Coins (x30)
  20. Gold Coins (x20)

These are all the benefits you would get by buying the subscription. After buying the subscription, you can see your VIP status end time on the screen. You also get the option to Extend your VIP subscription using the 'Extend VIP Button.'

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