PUBG Mobile: Guns With Significant Damage & User Guide

When it gets to choosing a weapon, PUBG mobile has tons of choices to pick. In the end, it all hinges on the playing style of a player and personal preference. In this article, we are getting on to incorporate some of the best weapons whose trauma to your opponent is priceless, and help you pick a weapon combo, according to your play range.



  • Damage: 49
  • Range of Operation: Close Range
  • Recoil: Low
  • Bullets: 7.62mm
  • Attachments: Magazine, Scope, Muzzle.

No amazement, Groza holds up the first spot. This godsend can only be accessed through the airdrops, which might be one of the very few disadvantages. When it comes to damage, its a powerhouse, as it's damage per bullet is 49, which is the same as that of AKM, but with less recoil. This rifle transmits second-highest rate of fire in the ARs genre, after M416.

The magazine size of Groza is 30 and can be extended to 40. The attachments to this AR are very limited. It comes with a scope, magazine slot, and a muzzle slot, which allows the only suppressor. In general, this gun is an animal in close combat, can outshine any gun even if you have a mediocre aim. If you are looking at employing it for medium-range, that will not be as effective as it is in close range.


  • Damage: 43
  • Bullets: 5.56mm
  • Range of Operation: Close-Mid Range
  • Recoil: Relatively Low
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Scope, Foregrip, Stock, Magazine.

This is one of the best rifles and adored by the bulk. The main reason for its popularity is its availability; it is easily available on every map. This stands out as the best possibility for beginners and intermediate tier players due to its low horizontal recoil. This has an outstanding fire rate; no other AR can compete against this. It is an attachment friendly rifle which allows scope, muzzle,
magazine, and grip.

If you use this weapon without any attachments, this might offer you recoil a bit more than SCAR-L, but with proper attachments, it is one of the best guns for close to medium range combat. Magazine size is 30, which can go up to 40. If you are thinking of employing this gun in close to medium Range fights, try to install a 6x(reduced to 3x) on it; you will be amazed by its performance.


  • Damage: 120
  • Bullets: 300mm Magnum
  • Range of Operation: Long Range
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Scope, Stock, Magazine.

AWM is the most powerful gun until now. You might wonder why it has been put in the 3rd place if it is the most powerful gun. The reason is its selective use. This gun is not really effective in close combat, but this is a legend in long-range fights. It uses a 300mm magnum bullet, it can kill anyone with a single bullet to head, and unless the opponent is wearing a level 3 armor, he can't survive a body shot either.

It can only be found in airdrops, which makes it very rare in terms of availability. And due to its limited bullets, you have to be very precise with your aiming, as it has a magazine capacity of 5 and can be extended to 7.


  • Damage: 49
  • Bullets: 7.62mm
  • Range of Operation: Close Range
  • Recoil: High
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Scope, Extended Mag.

This is the most popular primary weapon utilized by pro players. Its availability is really considerable, as it is handily available on any map. It has very high damage of 49 and can choke any other weapon in close combat. But you have to trade damage with recoil and range. As it has a high recoil to regulate, it is only recommended to use in close combat.

However, you can also use it as a mid-range weapon by installing a scope, but if the opponent had any DMR, they could knock you down like a Thanos snap. And if you can access a compensator, you can knock down anyone wearing a level 3 armor with 5 rounds and level 3 helmet with 2 rounds easily.

M249 LMG

  • Damage: 45
  • Bullets: 5.56mm
  • Range of Operation: Close-Mid Range
  • Recoil: Fairy Good At Close Range
  • Attachments: Only Scope

M249 is also that delight that can be found only in airdrops. This gun is really effective in any medium-range battle, but you will be amazed by how this animal destroys everything in close combat. You can wipe out an entire squad without assigning a job to your magazine to reload, as it has magazine size is 100.


  • Damage: 79
  • Bullets: 7.62mm
  • Range of Operation: Long Range
  • Attachments: Stock, Magazine, Muzzle, Scope

This gun is yet another a sniper rifle that you might think of as an upgrade of KAR- 98, which offers more damage and range. This rifle can serve you mostly with everything you need in a long-range battle, it's more powerful, and bullets are adequately available. If you are seeking a secondary weapon with your AR being a primary weapon, this might be a smart choice. It has a magazine capacity of 5 which can be extended to 7.

These are the six deadliest guns of PUBG Mobile that can help you an easy Chicken Dinner. Also, check out the Best Gun Combination for different maps.

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