Free Fire Mystery Crate Event Details: Win 5 Fashion Bundles

Free Fire has got a new event called 'Mystery Crate' between 28th August to 3rd September 2020. As the name of the event itself suggests, you have to open a mystery crate to receive rewards. There are five grand prizes; among other rewards, you can get out of the mystery crate.


As you enter the event lobby, you can see 5 bundles that are the grand prizes in this event on the left side. The percentage of your chances of getting the grand prize is also indicated on the right side. Below that, you can also see a bar between 10 diamonds and 500 diamonds.

Using this bar, you can set your percentage of getting the grand prize. The higher the percentage, the higher amount you have to pay for opening the crate. After finalizing your percentage, click on the 'Unlock' button available at the screen's right side to open the mystery crate.

You can also see the number of diamonds required in the 'Unlock' button itself. When you get a grand prize, it will be grayed out, so you don't receive the same prize again. The items you receive from the prize pool will be directly sent into your vault.

Mystery Crate Event Prize Pool:

Grand Prizes:

  1. The Weekend Clubber Bundle
  2. Jovial Diver bundle
  3. The Weekend Runner Bundle
  4. Snowy Servitude Bundle
  5. Surgeon Bloodlust Bundle

Other Prizes:

  1. Cube Fragment (x5)
  2. Diamond Royale Voucher (x5) [34 Days]
  3. Cupid Scar Box (x5)
  4. Fiery M1014 Box (x5)
  5. Carrot-Nator AN94 Box (x5)
  6. Slaughter Party MP40 Box (x5)
  7. Monster Gun Box (x5)
  8. Deadly bat Gun Box (x5)
  9. Kpop Stardom Gun Box (x5)
  10. Game Streamer gun Box (x5)
  11. Cube Fragment (x1)
  12. Diamond Royale Voucher (x1) [34 Days]
  13. Cupid Scar Box (x1)
  14. Fiery M1014 Box (x1)
  15. Carrot-Nator AN94 Box (x1)
  16. Slaughter Party MP40 Box (x1)
  17. Monster Gun Box (x1)
  18. Deadly bat Gun Box (x1)
  19. Kpop Stardom Gun Box (x1)
  20. Game Streamer Gun Box (x1)
  21. Bounty Token
  22. Resupply Map
  23. Summon Airdrop
  24. Bonfire
  25. Scan

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