Free Fire: List Of All Servers

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile, with more than 500 million players worldwide. It is not possible to accommodate this much of players in one server. Hence, developers divided players into various servers based on their country.


The different servers of Free Fire get different offers, rewards, and Free Items. You must be willing to know which server provides free gifts and items. In this post, we will share a list of all servers of Free Fire as well as tell you the best server(s) for free gifts.

What Is Free Fire Server?

Servers are the storage where all our data get stored. We have many items in our Free Fire account, and even if we change our phone, just by logging into the connected account, we get all of these items in the new phone. Obviously, all of these items (data) are not flying in the air; there must be someplace where all of it gets saved. The place where it is getting saved is the server.

As we start the game, it connects us to the server and then takes us to the lobby. Different regions are divided into different servers, All of the servers offers different content to the players. Some servers even offer items to the players at a cheap rate or even for free. That's why players keep on looking for different servers.

Free Fire All Servers List 2020:

There are a total of 9 servers of Free Fire in which players from all around the world are divided. You get connected to your country's nearest server to avoid high pings and get a smooth gameplay experience.

  1. Free Fire India Server
  2. Free Fire Nepal Server
  3. Free Fire Thailand Server
  4. Free Fire Brazil Server
  5. Free Fire Indonesia Server
  6. Free Fire Mexico Server
  7. Free Fire Vietnam Server
  8. Free Fire Singapore Server
  9. Free Fire Hiroshima Server

Free Fire Servers FAQs:

Q.1 How Many Servers Are There for Free Fire (Total Servers)?


Q.2 Which Is Best Free Fire Server for Free Diamonds?

Thailand & Vietnam Server.

Q.3 Which Is Best Free Fire Server For Bundles & Offers?

Indonesian Server

Q.4 Which Is Value for the Price Free Fire Server?

Indian Server

Q.5 Which Is Best Free Fire Server For Latest Events?

Brazil Server

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