Free Fire Toolbox: Locations & Guide To Use

Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games available on mobile with more than 500 million players worldwide. The reason behind its popularity is, it offers a lot of features in small sizes. Not only small size, it even comes with unique features in the genre. Free Fire is the first-ever battle royale game that introduced the character system, pet system, etc. One such unique feature includes 'Toolbox' that is neat and handy stuff.


What Does Toolbox do In Free Fire?

  • Repairing your vest if damaged
  • Upgrade your vest
  • - Level 1 to level 2
  • - Level 2 to level 3
  • - Level 3 vests (Adds 50 durability)

Million Dollar Tip: Always use up the toolbox even though your vest is at the maximum level. It should be done so that the enemies don’t use it for themselves. If you don’t intend to use it, then plant a landmine under it to ambush the enemy.

The Toolbox is available on all three maps of Free Fire. But the embarrassing thing about toolboxes is that their locations are random, and you might not find it at the same place twice. Below we are going to share the location where you can find them generally.

Free Fire Toolbox Locations:

Bermuda Map

  1. There are 2 at Sentosa. One is at the center while the other is located a bit southwest from the first one near the shore.
  2. You can find 3 of them at Mars Electronic.
  3. There are 2 spread across Pochinok.
  4. 2 of them are at the Factory.
  5. There is one in the northern part between Pochinok and Factory.
  6. There is one near the shore towards the east of Pochinok.
  7. There are 9 of them spread across the Peak area.
  8. There is one at the Clock Tower.
  9. There is one near the shore of the river in the northeast part of Rim Nam Village.
  10. There are 2 near the Dam.
  11. There is one at the Graveyard.
  12. There is one near the Plantation.
  13. There is one in the western part of the town of Katulistiwa.
  14. There is one in the south part of the Bimasakti Strip.
  15. There is one at the Mill where the buildings are present.
  16. There are 2 at the Riverside.
  17. There is one at the Shipyard.
  18. There is also one to the east of the Shipyard.

Kalahari Map

  1. There is one at Old Hampton.
  2. There is a toolbox at the Shrine.
  3. There is one at the Confinement Hall in the east part.
  4. There is one at the Council Hall in the center.
  5. There are 2 at the Bayfront. One is between the 4 buildings while the other is between the structures east of there.
  6. There is one at the Foundation.
  7. A little southeast to the Foundation, there is another one.
  8. There is one at Santa Catarina.
  9. There is one at the Stone Ridge.
  10. There is one at the Sub.
  11. One is present at the Mammoth.
  12. One is present at the Maze.
  13. You will find one the Command Post.
  14. There is one found at the east of the Maze before the Refinery near the rocky structures.
  15. Finally, there is also one at the Refinery.

Purgatory Map

  1. There are 3 of them on the Southern Island. One at the Fire brigade, one at Central and one at the southern tip of the island.
  2. Then there are 3 of them adjacent to the Forge.
  3. One is a bit south to the Forge
  4. There is one at the Campsite
  5. There is also one on the big island, which is located to the east of the bridge connecting the southern island to the big island.
  6. There is one on the north side of the Ski Lodge
  7. There is also a toolbox on the west of the Moathouse across the shore.
  8. There is also one to the south of the Moathouse almost near the shore.
  9. You will also come across one at the Crossroads.
  10. You can also find 8 of them on the West Island. One at the golf course, one at Marbleworks, one at Mt.Villa, one at the Quarry, one at the northbridge entrance leading to the big island, one at the east bridge entrance leading to the big island, and one a bit north of the bridge connecting to the south island.
  11. There are 3 of the spread across the Fields. One on the east side near buildings, one at the north of Brasilia, and one at the south of Crossroads in the west.
  12. Finally, there are 4 spread across Brasilia. 3 near the buildings and one near the trees to the east.

[Note: The availability is random, and you may not always find them there. So always keep a keen eye.]

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