Apex Legends Mobile Release Might Be Close, As Respawn Looks for Release Manager

Some say Apex Legends Mobile is just a rumor, while others believe that the game is already in development and will release shortly. If you are one of the millions of players who are confused about what actually is the truth, then don't worry, we will put an end to your confusion today. So the Apex Legends Mobile rumors go to the very first day when the game was actually released for PC. But things became official only when Blake Jorgensen, CFO of EA in a meeting, confirmed that the company is looking to launch the game on the mobile platform in the Fiscal year 2020.


Is Apex Legends Mobile Version Real?

To put it in simple words, Apex Legends Mobile has not been showcased and announced on a big stage, or let's say during a mega gaming event. But EA time and again has mentioned about the mobile version of Apex Legends. The most important of all evidence that will make things absolutely clear is that EA hosted a Video fireside chat for its investor community in June this year during which CEO of EA, Mr. Andrew Wilson, stated that EA wants to reach out to the maximum number of users no matter on what platform. In mobile games, the company has PvZ 3 is soft-launch and will also release Apex Legends Mobile by the end of the year.

To conclude, Apex Legends Mobile is as real as you. The game is already in development, and a Chinese game studios (most probably Tencent Games) is working alongside EA on the project. Apex legends mobile is scheduled to release globally next year. But it's beta version will release by the end of 2020.

Apex Legends Mobile - New Updates:

Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment has been hiring a lot of people for Apex Legends Mobile recently. Today on its website, a new job position with the title' Build and Release Manager - Apex Legends Mobile' has been posted. In the description, it has been mentioned that Respawn is looking for someone who can 'ensure that the releases go smoothly' and has a knowledge of 1st party apple and google requirements.

We believe you have now understood the entire story. However, as of now, nothing has been formally announced, but the stage is set, and the light is on. Apex Legends Mobile is preparing for its soft-launch version to be released anytime now. We will share our prediction one again that the Apex Legends Mobile version will soft-launch between October-November. Let's wait and see if we are right as usual or not!

What do you think Apex Legends Mobile will be better than PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile? Or will it fail miserably? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.