Otherworld Legends: An action game released on Android and iOS

Otherworld Legends is a 2D Action Game developed by ChillyRoom. The game is currently popular in the market due to its combat mechanics and gameplay. If you like action games that involve various fighting styles and a great inventory system, Otherworld Legends is one of them.


The combat mechanics of the game is worth mentioning. There are different fighting styles involved with each character. The character can make use of melee, ranged and magic to defeat enemies. These battles happen in otherworlds like bamboo grounds, underworld tombs, and so on. The otherworlds are designed well and are rich in the atmosphere. The controls are easy to use, but the game progression is challenging. That is, the game tends to get tough as soon as you progress through levels. Moreover, the worlds are generated, giving the players a different experience each time they play it.

The other highlight is the inventory system. You can experiment with different items, build unique weapons, customize characters, and more. You can also make recipes that strengthen your hero's magic powers. There are a lot of collectibles that can be found in this game.

The story of otherworlds is simple. The characters are summoned to Mirage created by Asurendra. These characters belong to different worlds and timelines. Their main goal is to pass the trials and find the secrets of the realm. While doing that you will encounter enemies, starting from spiders to knights. There are boss battles and secret locations to find. You can also encounter unknown bosses and dungeons. Otherworld Legends manages to hook the players up with its rich content.

The game is available on Android and iOS. It is free on PlayStore and AppStore. The game requires space of at least 1 GB. There are in-game purchases related to skills and accessories. In conclusion, if you like action games mixed with pixel art styles, do check out Otherworld Legends.

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