PUBG Mobile Erangel Map: Best Flare Gun Locations

In PUBG Mobile flare gun performs a significant role in serving you the chicken dinner. The flare gun hunting can be tricky sometimes, as it’s a limited component to get at. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on this bonus, you are in a special advantage. Use this inside the play zone, and you will receive an airdrop crate, where you may uncover level 3 helmet, special armor weapons (AWM, GROZA, M249), and ghillie suit, etc.


What if you use it outside the play zone? You will be assigned by an armored vehicle, which is a bulletproof UAZ. Sometimes, there are probabilities of other squads rushing towards your crate by seeing the flare gun’s outburst. Always be ready to take the fight!


The chances of finding a flare gun in Georgopol is very high. You may locate them on the container or inside them. Occasionally you may get surprised by discerning this inside a warehouse. If you are lucky plentiful, there are chances of you discovering more than one flare gun in Georgopol. But with a huge reward, there comes a huge risk; this is one of the risky locations to land on. You may have to take the fight with multiple squads, and if you are fortunate enough, you will come out alive with a good loadout.

Military Base

This is another habitat to land on in the pilgrimage of the flare gun. The chances of you discovering a flare gun in the military base are really high, and this has been one of the best hot drops in Erangel since the PUBG Mobile launch. This area is comprised of buildings where you will find the best loot along with a flare gun. As this is very near to the bridge, you can go for a bridge camp as well, to score some early kills. Sometimes the play zone will be in your favor, don’t miss that prospect of hunting a chicken dinner by utilizing the best loadout possible.

Mylta Power

Mylta power had been a safer option long until now, but nowadays, it has been considered a new hotspot. The chances of you finding a flare gun in Mylta power are medium, and the risk is anywhere between medium to high. One of the additional advantages of landing here is that the likelihood of getting at a KAR-98, good scopes, ,armors and DMRs is impressive. You don’t have to spend most of your time finding the loot either, as the main loot is inside one big building.

Shooting Range

The Shooting range is yet another territory for finding the flare gun. The odds of seeing a flare gun in the shooting range are not as elevated as other places. But because of its low-risk element, you won’t have to take a fight most of the time with any other aspirant, that’s how this location has made it to the list. The quantity of loot present here is really adequate for you and your squad, and it won’t take ample time to plunder everything, as it’s spread across a tiny tract.


Novorepnoye is the best alternative of Georgopol in finding a flare gun. If the plane path doesn’t favor Georgopol, players tend to move towards this place in a search for the flare gun. The bets of finding a flare gun here in Novorepnoye is pretty high. This area is also composed of containers( like Georgopol), warehouses, buildings, etc. You should be finding a flare gun on the containers or warehouses. But one of the flaws of landing here could be it’s risky. As many high tier squads land here, craving for good loot and kills, you and your squad should be very careful while raiding this area.

Spawn Island

Spawn island is comprised of buildings, bunkers, and laboratories. This may crack you up, but yes, there are huge possibilities of you finding a flare gun in spawn island, and if you are fortunate enough, you will get at more than one flare gun. To be precise, the chances of locating a flare gun in spawn island is huge in the two-floor building and the bunker. So if you choose to land on this island, make sure you carry more healing stuff, a gas can, a vehicle, and health boosters, as this location is far away from the main play zone.


Zharki is positioned near the top right corner of the map. And the possibilities of finding a flare gun are mediocre, and the risk of you getting shot by opponents is low. Zharki comprises warehouses, shacks, houses, where you can hunt your treasure, and you won’t be disappointed by the amount and quality of loot either. But make sure you arrange a vehicle and enough health kits before the appearance of the first play zone.

These are the 7 best locations where you can find flare gun on Erangel map that can help you in surviving the battlefield in a better way throughout the match. You can refer to our PUBG Mobile Maps Guide to find out more about other maps.

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