How To Complete Share Video Task In Free Fire Vengeance Event

As you all know, Free Fire Vengeance Event is currently live in the game between 17th July to 2nd August 2020. The major event is divided into various phases, and each phase brings reward(s) for you. In this post, we will share how you can complete the Share Music Video Task to get the June Festival Surfboard.


As the name itself suggest, you need to share a music video, but which music video? Free Fire India Official YouTube channel has got a new music video based on the Vengeance Event, and you need to share this video to get the June Festival Surfboard.

You can share the video directly from the YouTube channel using the 'Share' button on any of the social media platforms you prefer. Basically, you need to achieve the milestone of 1 million shares to get the surfboard skin. It needs to be completed between 22nd to 26th July 2020.

Apart from that, you also share it from the in-game option available on the event's website. It is an event that all players of game need to complete to get the reward as one player can not complete the milestone. If the milestone gets completed, it will be given to all players of the game.

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