PUBG Mobile Erangel Map: Best Gun Combinations

Erangel is the most beloved map of all time, as it was the first map introduced in PUBG Mobile. It’s an 8×8 km huge map, which is comprised of towns, houses, buildings, power plants, churches, etc. This map is not for those who seek a quick classic match; rather, it’s a strategic game that drives on for more than 30 minutes.


In Erangel, you may have to appoint a long-range weapon with your main AR being a primary weapon, as its a huge map like Miramar. We have brought in some weapon combinations that you could employ in your game to conquer chicken dinner.

DP-28 and AKM

This combination has been so popular forever, especially in the Erangel map. This combination is also idolized by one of the most famous PUBG Mobile players as well; I hope you get it. This combination will serve you victory in close and medium-range battles.

DP-28 is an LMG (light machine gun) with a huge magazine. This uses a 7.62mm ammo, and the magazine can hold up to 43 bullets and has only an automatic mode. DP-28 doesn’t offer much recoil, even in the long-range spray, and if you are prone while you shoot, this offers literally no recoil, which is amazing.

The only reason players may choose another weapon over this is its reloading tome that’s more than 5 seconds. It only allows scope as an attachment, and 6x(reduced to 3x ) onto it performs like a beast.

AKM, on the other hand, serves its purpose in close range combats. This is the only AR available on the ground loot, which offers 49 damage per bullet. With great damage, there comes great recoil to control, and if you are capable of handling it, close combat is going to be a piece of a cake for you.

Attachments are very limited, muzzle, scope, and magazine. But the best combo of attachments would be compensator and an extended mag, which will improve the magazine capacity and lowers the recoil.

M416 And M24

If you use M416 in close combat, this combination is for you. M416 will handle anything arising in close to medium range, whereas m24 is meant for long-range hunting.

M416 could be the best gun if you attain good attachments. It’s a versatile weapon that adapts according to the expression of the map. The reason for this gun being so popular is its accuracy, stability, no severe horizontal recoil, and its easily available characteristic.

It performs even better with attachments. It authorizes 5 attachments, muzzle, scope, foregrip, magazine, and a tailstock. But the best combination would be compensator, extended mag, and tailstock. After installing attachments, you will glimpse the animal land out of prison.

M24 is the deadliest bolt action sniper rifle, which uses a 7.62mm bullet. This is the powerful sniper available on ground loots. M24 can Pierce through any level 2 helmet, and send them to their lobby again. This is an assured loot in some spots, in Erangel. If you find a KAR-98 and M24, I would suggest you pick M24, as it dominates it in every manner.

If you practice a little with this rifle, you will dominate everyone in huge maps like Erangel. It allows 4 attachments, muzzle, scope, extended mag, and stock. The best attachments would be, 8/6x scope, suppressor, extended mag, and tailstock. Don’t be in a second thought for using this rifle; this can score you some chicken dinners.

M416 And AKM

This combination of M416 and AKM is for those who Play solo vs. squad or squad vs. squad and has an appetite for rushing houses. You cant use any marksman rifle or a bolt action rifle as your secondary weapon when you are rushing houses.

M416 is a satisfactory mid-range weapon and doesn’t disappoint you in close combat, either. Try to clothe all the attachments as we have recommended above to see its full potential. When you are rushing houses with this combo, be the first one to enter the house, and the sniper guy from your team will give you a cover, by taking down whoever peaks outside a window.

First, use some grenades and try to knock down at least one player, quickly rush the house as soon as the opposing player gets down. Use M416 with stock, compensator, vertical foregrip that will unlock the beast of a weapon.

AKM is, no doubt, a powerhouse if used properly. When you use two ARs for rushing houses, always equip your ARs with an extended mag. Always try to hit the upper part of an opponent’s body, which will take him down by only 4-5 bullets. And if you are good at aiming the head, two bullets are adequate for you to tear down any opponent. Compensator, Extended mag, and Holo/Red dot/Iron sight are the best attachments to go for, which assures you are reaping best out of AKM.

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