Cyber Hunter Will Globally Launch on 26th April

Firstly for all those who doesn't know Cyber Hunter is a Brand New Battle Royale game developed by None-other than NetEase Games. NetEase games was the major developer who brought the Battle Royale Gaming experience on Mobile Devices. They Launched an amazing Battle Royale Game with the Title 'Rules of Survival' which was launched even before Pubg Mobile and this was the game which brought attention to Battle Royale games for Mobile Players.


At that time 'Rules of Survival' took no times to top the Gaming Charts on App Store and Playstore of almost every country on the earth and the same has been predicted for Cyber Hunter. Cyber hunter is basically for all those players who don't like Fortnite and are Bored with Pubg Mobile and are looking to move to a New Battle Royale mode.

Cyber hunter has a small building mechanics too, but don't worry and it is nothing like Fortnite. So if you hate building mechanics of Fortnite like i do, then you will still love this game.

When Will Cyber Hunter Release?

The game Cyber Hunter was being tested since last year May and now NetEase has finally announced that it will release the game on 26th April 2019.

However you can still Pre-Register for the Game and you can do so by simply clicking going to there website.

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