Creaks, a Creepy Puzzler Now Available in Apple Arcade

Creaks is a new puzzle game that has made its way into the Apple Arcade platform. It is developed by Amanita Design who has developed games such as Chuchel and Pilgrims.


In this game, the players will venture into a creepy mysterious world of bird people with a wacky environment. Within these promising premise, you need to solve a ton of puzzles and uncover paintings on the way. What's more challenging is that these paintings are all hidden aptly for you to discover.

There are shape-shifting monsters to challenge you in your quest which makes it more competitive. When shed light on these monsters they covert into furniture. The game boasts of stunning visuals which surely leave you amazed. Also, the game's original score by Hidden Orchestra is something you should experience with headphones.

This game is a must-try if you like solving puzzles and are interested in quirky action. The game Creaks is now available on the App Store to download. You need an active Apple Arcade plan that costs you about $4.99 per month or about $49.99 per year. Having an Apple Arcade subscription lets you play more than 120 new games across the Apple platforms.