Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event Complete Details

Free Fire has introduced a new event called 'Plague Phantom Summoning' in the game that is live between 3rd to 9th July 2020. Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event offers 'Plague Phantom Bundle' as a grand prize, which I as consider as one of the finest bundle in Free Fire.


Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event, you have to summon plague phantom to get the bundle that would definitely cost you diamonds. On the event screen, you get to see Basic Summoner and Premium Summoner, which costs you a different amount of diamonds.

If you use 'Basic Summoner,' there are low chances to get grand prize Plague Phantom Bundle and is available for 25 diamonds each summons. If you use 'Premium Summoner,' there are high chances to get Grand Prize and assures guaranteed win of permanent items only. Premium Summon is available for 150 Diamonds.

Whether you summon Basic Summoner or Premium Summoner, you are going to get a prize out of every summon. The prizes available for Basic Summons include Weapon Boxes, Pet Food, Loadouts, Universal Fragments, and Elite Pass Badges. The prizes available for Premium summons are permanent Items only that include Fashion Items, Emote, Parachutes, Boards, Death Lootboxes.

To increase your chances of getting the grand prize, Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event comes with a Lucky Stone that can add up to 12 times more odds of getting the grand prize. But increased probability cannot be accumulated. The purchase of the first Lucky Stone is free; after that, it costs 10 Diamonds each time.

After buying Lucky Stone, you get to see '+Odds Small' or '+Odds Medium' or '+Odds Big' below both Summoners. +Odds Small increases chances of getting the grand prize by 3 times, +Odds Medium increases chances by 6 times and +Odds Big increases chance by 12 times.

After purchasing Lucky Stone, you have to Summon either of Summoner to get the grand prize, and after every Summon, you have to buy Lucky Stone for increasing odds. But if you have bought Lucky Stone, it is not necessary to Summon after every purchase; you can instantly buy another Lucky Stone to get preferred odds.

We recommend you to summon only 'Premium Summoner' with Medium and Big Odds only. Do not waste your diamonds on Basic Summoner even if you have Big odds in it. All items you get during the event will directly be sent into your Vault/Collection, and if you get duplicate of any, it will be converted to FF tokens.

So summon you Plague Phantom to get grand prize 'Plague Phantom Bundle' before the event ends on 9th July 2020.

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