Free Fire Rampage Royale Details: Get Venom Touch Bundle & Hunger Strike Bundle

As you all know, Free Fire recently introduced Free Fire Rampage II: Uprising Event in the game, and the upcoming Elite Pass of Season 26 is also going to be based on the Rampage theme. It can be seen that Free Fire is currently running on the Rampage theme, and as an addition to that, Free Fire has introduced a Rampage Royale in the game.


Starting from today (29th June 2020), Free Fire Rampage Royale is live in the game for 16 days. Through Rampage Royale, players can get Rampage theme-based bundles, skins, and Rampage Tokens.

The bundles available in Rampage Royale include 'Venom Touch Bundle' and 'Hunger Strike Bundle.' The skins available include 'M4A1-Cataclysm' and 'Disease' surfboard skin. Apart from these, there are Rampage Tokens also that can be used for redeeming the mentioned rewards.

Free Fire Luck Royale

Free Fire Rampage Royale can be accessed in the Luck Royale Section. Like the Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, etc., in Rampage Royale, you can also spin using diamonds or Rampage Royale Vouchers. Currently, there is 30% off on making spins using diamonds.

You can make one spin for 42 diamonds, of which the original price is 60 diamonds. If you want to make bulk spins, you can go for 10+1 spins at the cost of 420 diamonds, of which the original price is 600 diamonds.

As you must know, your luck gets counted based on the number of spins starting from 0. At 100 luck, you are assured of getting the grand prize, but you can also get them early if you are lucky enough.

Free Fire Hunger Strike Bundle & Venom Touch Bundle

In normal cases, players get the grand prize between 90-100 luck points. As mentioned above, Rampage Tokens are also available in the prize pool that can be used for redeeming the same prizes from the store.

While reaching the luck points 100, you will be receiving around 125-150 of Rampage Tokens by making spins. You should spin till you get one bundle from the Rampage Royale itself. After that, go to Store -> Redeem -> Rampage Token and redeem another bundle or your preferred item.

  • Venom Touch Bundle - 100 Rampage Tokens
  • Hunger Strike Bundle - 100 Rampage Tokens
  • M4A1 - Cataclysm skin - 70 Rampage Tokens
  • Disease Surfboard Skin - 10 Rampage Tokens
  • Diamond Royale Voucher - 3 Rampage Token
  • Universal Fragment - 1 Rampage Token
  • Bounty token - 1 Rampage Token

While making spins, you can duplicate items, that will be converted into FF tokens. So claim your Venom Touch and Hunger Strike Bundles before the Rampage Royale ends.

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