Free Fire Rampage 2: Uprising Event Complete Details

After Free Fire Beach Party Event, Garena has introduced another big event to the game called 'Free Fire II: Uprising' also called '5/7 Rampage', which is live in the game between 25th June 2020 to 12th July 2020. If you have opened the game today, there was a small update in the game, and with that, your game lobby has changed to the Rampage Event theme.


First phase of the Free Fire Rampage Event is Bringers vs. Liberi event and is called 'Rampage - Versus.' Free Fire Rampage Versus event is live in the game between 25th June to 9th July. To participate in the event, first, you have to select a team, whether Bringers or Liberi.

To join a team, simply click on the 'Join Faction' button below your preferred team. The grand prize 'Famine Felon Bundle' for joining any of the team is the same, but other small rewards differ based on team.

After joining a team, you have to earn 'Carnage Points' for your team. Carnage Points can be earned by completing daily missions and competitions. These points can be used for Faction face-off and ranking. The tasks to be completed can be seen from the 'Influence Task' button.

Carnage points also unlock your way to get the grand prize of Free Fire Rampage Event - 'Famine Felon Bundle.' But you cannot get the bundle by Carnage Points; you have to earn 'Rampage Token.' Both Carnage points and Rampage Token can be earned by completing Carnage Missions. Apart from these, Rampage Tokens can also be collected on the map while playing matches.

The Tasks In Carnage Missions Include:

  1. Daily Login - Carnage Point (x1)
  2. Play 1 Game - Carnage Point (x2) + Rampage Token (x1)
  3. Play 2 Game - Carnage Point (x3) + Rampage Token (x1)
  4. Play 3 Game - Carnage Point (x4) + Rampage Token (x1)

If you get into the Top 100 ranking on Carnage Scoreboard within your team, you can win a full set of 4 M1014 (Apocalyptic) permanent gun skins. The missions get refreshed every day, so don't forget to complete them and claim the Carnage Points and Rampage Tokens.

You can use the collected Rampage Tokens at the 'Faction Store' to exchange for the prizes. As mentioned above, the prizes available to redeem are different depending upon the team you have chosen. In Faction Store, you get two options, 'Assassin' and 'Executioner.'

In 'Assassin,' you get to claim the small rewards available whereas, in 'Executioner,' you get the grand prize 'Famine Felon Bundle' and the exclusive pin of the team you have chosen. Assassin gets unlocked at 0 Carnage Points, whereas to purchase anything from the Executioner, you must have at least 50 Carnage Points.

The only use of Carnage points if of unlocking 'Executioner' and deciding the rank. All the other items you have to exchange using the 'Rampage Token.' To get the full Famine Felon Bundle, you need at least 60 Rampage Tokens.

At the end of the event, the winning team gets special rewards that include: Incubator Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher, and Diamond Royale voucher.

From 28th June, you will get a lucky spin daily for login to the game. It can be accessed from the 'Login Spinner' button in the event lobby. The spins will be available till 9th July 2020. If you spin every day between the period, you are guaranteed to get the Grand Prize of Final Catastrophe Lootbox.

On 1st July, the Rampage Emblem Collection phase will start in the game. It will be live till 12th July 2020. During this time, you have to collect all the 9 emblems that can also be exchanged with your friends. By collecting all the emblems, you can win a Catastrophe Slasher Parang skin.

Every major event of Free Fire comes with a peak day, and the peak day of Free Fire Rampage II: Uprising Event is 5th July 2020. On the peak day, you can get 'Threaten' emote by login to the game. By playing a match, you can get permanent UMP skin, apart from that, on 5th July, you will be able to collect a lot of Rampage Tokens.

Last but not least, on 5th July itself, the new Rampage mode called 'Rampage 2.0' will make its way to the game. It will be available till the last day, 12th July 2020. It is the revised and reworked version of the old Rampage mode. You can check out complete details about Free Fire Rampage 2.0 Version.

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