How To Collect Rampage Tokens & Carnage Points In Free Fire

In our previous post, we reported about the new Rampage II: Uprising Event of Free Fire, also called Free Fire 5/7 Rampage Event. The event is live in Free Fire between 25th June to 12th July 2020. There will be various sub-events or phases of the Free Fire Rampage Event, and the first phase has already started yesterday (25th June).


The starting phase of Free Fire Rampage 2 Uprising Event has been started that is Rampage – Versus and Carnage Missions. During this phase, you have to complete missions and earn Carnage Points and Rampage Tokens to claim some exciting rewards, including the grand prize Famine Felon Bundle. In this post, we will share how to get Rampage Tokens & Carnage Points.

How To Get Rampage Tokens In Free Fire

There are two ways to collect Rampage Tokens in Free Fire. The first method is by completing the ‘Carnage Missions.’ In the Rampage II: Uprising Event lobby, simply click on the ‘Rampage Influence Task’ button available in the middle of the screen to see the Carnage Missions. In carnage missions, you get daily tasks to complete and get rewarded with Rampage Tokens.

The Tasks In Carnage Missions For Rampage Tokens Include:

  1. Play 1 Game – Rampage Token (x1)
  2. Play 2 Game – Rampage Token (x1)
  3. Play 3 Game – Rampage Token (x1)

The tasks are quite simple. You just have to play 3 matches; whether in Classic/Ranked Battle Royale Match or TDM/Clash Squad matches, the choice is yours. After playing the match(es), you can simply collect the Rampage tokens from the ‘Carnage Missions’ tab by clicking on the ‘Rampage Influence Task.’

By completing the tasks, you can collect a total of 54 Rampage Tokens throughout the event period. Another method to get Rampage Tokens is picking them up from the map. You can participate in either Classic or Ranked battle royale match, and here you will get to collect the Rampage Tokens, which are scattered around the map.

There is no limit on picking tokens from the map; you can pick as many as you want. After collecting enough tokens, head to ‘Faction Store’ available at the left bottom of the event lobby to redeem them for rewards, including the Famine Felon Bundle.

How To Get Carnage Points In Free Fire

Carnage Points are also an essential part of the Rampage 2 Uprising Event. Carnage Points gets used for faction face-off and ranking. Carnage Points unlock Famine Felon Bundle in the Faction Store so you can buy that using the Rampage Tokens you collected.

There is only a single way to get the carnage points, and that is by completing the Carnage missions. As mentioned above, Carnage Missions includes daily tasks to complete and can be seen by clicking at the ‘Rampage Influence Task’ available in the middle of the event lobby. By completing the tasks, you get rewarded with so-called ‘Carnage Points.’

The Tasks In Carnage Missions Include:

  1. Daily Login – Carnage Point (x1)
  2. Play 1 Game – Carnage Point (x2)
  3. Play 2 Game – Carnage Point (x3)
  4. Play 3 Game – Carnage Point (x4)

By completing the tasks, you can collect a total of 180 Carnage Points. In the ‘Faction Store,’ there are two options available called ‘Assassin’ and ‘Executioner.’ The Assassin options get unlocked at the 0 Carnage Points and offer small rewards to be exchanged. Whereas, Executioner option gets unlocked at 50 Carnage Points and offers ‘Famine Felon Bundle’ to exchange.

How To Get Famine Felon Bundle In Free Fire Rampage 2 Uprising Event

After collecting enough Rampage Tokens and at least 50 Carnage Points, head to ‘Faction Store’ that can be accessed through a button at the left bottom of the event screen. In Faction Store, head to the ‘Executioner’ tab, and here you will get to exchange the Rampage Tokens for Famine Felon bundle.

Famine Felon Bundle is available to exchange in parts and requires 60 Rampage Tokens to claim the complete bundle. So claim your Famine Felon Bundle before the Rampage II: Uprising event ends on 12th July 2020.

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