Free Fire Max Second Closed Beta Test Started Today

As reported by PocketGamer, the Second Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Free Fire MAX has started today (24th June 2020) in Malaysia, Bolivia, and Cambodia. The second CBT Will be live until 14th July 2020. The first CBT was only available for Malaysia and Bolivia, and in the second CBT, one more country Cambodia has been added.


For those living under the rocks, Free Fire MAX is the enhanced version of the standard free fire app and offers crossplay. Some players are at the confusion that it will be a completely different game with the same name. We want to make it clear to them that Free Fire MAX and standard Free Fire works on the same server, and players with both the version can play together.

What Is The Difference Between Free Fire And Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX offers full HD graphics with better visuals we have seen before. The structure, vehicles, and trees have been reworked and improved for better gameplay experience. Various effects like play zone effects, explosion effects, and bullet trace effects have also been upgraded.

It gives an extra premium feel to the overall experience through its animated login videos, flashier UI, and lobby animations. When you boot up Free Fire MAX for the first time, all additional packages get downloaded, unlike downloading expansion pack and other things in the standard Free Fire app.

There is no need to mention, but rather safe to say that Free Fire MAX is not going to offer any exclusive in-game items, i.e., skins, guns, etc. As mentioned earlier, both the version are the same, with the only difference of the effects not of gameplay. Garena also made sure that Free Fire MAX players do not get undue advantage over the standard Free Fire app players to make the gameplay fair.

To ensure the quality and of Free Fire MAX, Garena is conducting the beta tests. The introduction of second beta tests indicates that Free Fire MAX is still not ready, and we would say it is going to take longer than expected to release.

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