Free Fire New OB22 Update Details: Free Fire Max, New Character Lucas, Gun King Mode & Much More

Free Fire got OB21 update in the month of April, and now the time is approaching for a new update in the game. The next update is going to be the Free Fire OB22 update that is expected to release at the starting of June 2020. The most awaited Free Fire Max will also be making its way with the Free Fire OB22 update.

[Edit (20/05/2020): Free Fire OB22 Update Confirmed Details: New Character Wolfrahh, New Pet Falcon, M82B Gun & Much More]


As always, the leaks have started coming about the Free Fire-new update. But this is the starting phase of leaks, so nothing is 100% assured as of now, but it is our job to let you know the Free Fire OB22 update upcoming features leaks. The OB22 update is going to bring the Free Fire Max Version, New Character - Lucas, New Mode - Gun King, and various other features. Below we are going to discuss the Free Fire OB22 update new features in detail.

Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max Version is expected to make its way with the OB22 update. It is not going to take place in the existing Free Fire App. Instead, it is going to be a completely different Application. Free Fire and Free fire Max are going to work on the same server, and players will be able to cross-play.

Free Fire Max Version is for the high-end devices that is going to offer the players Ultra HD graphics, a completely new lobby, and other major changes for better gameplay experience. The situation is similar to PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite Version. The current Free Fire App is going to be the lite version of Free Fire Max. If you upgrade to the Max version, your skins and ranks will carry over to the Free Fire Max.

The Free Fire Max version is expected to be around 1GB in size. Initially, it will be released for Android devices only and later for iOS. As of now, it is expected to release with OB22 update in June 2020; rest depends upon the situation due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

New Character - Lucas

At the time of the release of the OB21 update, some leaks were suggesting that apart from Kapella, Free Fire will be getting a new character named 'Lucas' also. But only Kapella made its way to the game; it seems like developers kept Lucas for OB22 update. Free Fire new character 'Lucas' is inspired by a Brazilian Footballer named 'Lucas Silva Borges.'

After DJ Alok and Jota, the new character 'Lucas' is going to be the third real-life character in the game. The special skill of Lucas Character is called 'Hat-trick'. With each Kill, Lucas' maximum HP increases with a significant amount (The default HP of Lucas is 200). Lucas will also bring its exclusive footballer costume to the game. Get ready for jumping into the battlefield with this footballer for a whole new experience.

New Pet

Free Fire OB21 update brought the Ottero update to the game, but now there is a need for the new pet to the game. The name of the new pet is not known yet, but a leaked image shows it to be a 'Wolf.' The special skill and other details about the new pet will get clear with further leaks. As of now, we just have a picture and expect it to be a Wolf.

New Mode - Gun King

An event called 'Spine Punk' is currently running into the Free Fire. As a part of the Free Fire Spine Punk Event, the developers will be opening a new mode called 'Gun King' in the game. The leaks suggest that, with the Free Fire OB22 update, the Gun King Mode will be permanently made available in the Free Fire.

Free Fire Gun King Mode has its origin from the 'Gun Game' mode that was originally introduced by the Call Of Duty franchise. In the Gun King Mode, 10 players will spawn on a small area with a knife in their hands. The aim is to kill each other. But as soon as you kill one or two enemy(ies), your gun gets changed. Now you need to make kills with this gun also.

If you get killed by other players, you get re-spawned somewhere on the map. This keeps going on until any of the players makes 28 kills using all the 14 weapons and becomes the winner. Basically, in the Free Fire Gun King Mode, you need to make kills with all the guns to win the match. The player to do this before all the other players become the winner.

Addition Of Helicopters

Some leaks from the Free Fire Brazil server suggest the addition of Helicopters in the Free Fire. It sounds fake to everyone, but there is some possibility of its being true. The close competitors of Free Fire that are PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile have also added Helicopters in the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile has a completely different mode called 'Payload' in which the helicopters are being offered, whereas, in COD Mobile, the normal Battle Royale gameplay has helicopters. We can expect Free Fire to adopt the COD Mobile method. Because if you noticed, currently Free Fire's Game Mode selection Lobby also shows a Helicopter in the background of Ranked Game. We expect the situation to get clear with time by more leaks.

Drone System

Free Fire OB22 update is also expected to bring drones in the game. Free Fire Brazil's YouTube Channel recently released a video based on Free Fire character Kelly's past. In this video, the drone can be spotted following Kelly. The leaks suggest that it is going to be a new addition to the Free Fire.

Just like the Helicopters, the Drone system also sounds quite vague. But it is not because, just like Helicopters, the competitor games consist of the drone system. Free Fire doesn't want to be left behind in any sense. Apart from that, Free Fire was the most downloaded battle royale game and had 500+ million players worldwide. So Free Fire does not want players to get shifted to other games due to lack of features in the game.

So as of now these are the leaks about Free Fire Upcoming OB22 Update. We recommend you not to rely 100% on the leaks as no information and indication have been made by developers about them.

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