Free Fire Rank Season 16: Start Date, New Features, Rank Reset (Tier Drop)

As reported by us earlier, Free Fire Ranked Season 15, that began on 30th April 2020 and is going to end on 26th June 2020, 12:30 PM (GMT +5:30). As always, the new Season will make its way to the game, and this time, it will be the Free Fire Ranked Season 16.

Similar to all the previous Seasons, Free Fire Rank Season 16 will also bring some change to the game. It includes the removal of old features and the introduction of new features with a brand new season. It this article, we will share the complete details of Free Fire Ranked Season 16.


Free Fire Rank Season 16 Start Date

Free Fire Ranked Season 16 will start on 26th June 2020, 2:30 PM (GMT +5:30). So there is going to be just a two-hour gap between the end of current Season and introduction of new Rank Season in Free Fire. There is only a limited time left for you to put all your efforts and rank up to climb the ladder before it all ends.

Free Fire Rank Season 16 New Features

The things to be removed with Free Fire Rank Season 16 includes the Desert Wrath Female Bundle, as it was exclusively available for the Free Fire Rank Season 15 only. Nothing has come known to us about the introduction of new features, but we assure you to update here as soon as possible.

Free Fire Rank Season 16 Rank Reset

Free Fire Ranked Season 16 Rank Drop / Tier Reset system is as follows:

  • Heroic – Gold II
  • Diamond (I-IV) – Gold I
  • Platinum (I-IV) – Silver II
  • Gold (I-IV) – Silver I
  • Silver (I-III) – Bronze II
  • Bronze (I-III) – Bronze -I

The rank reset system mentioned above is going to follow at the end of Free Fire Ranked Season 15. With the start of Free Fire Rank Season 16, a player can highest be at the 'Gold II' rank. So push your ranks before the Season ends!

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