GameClub Subscription Services Finally Arrives on Android

Gameclub was launched for iOS devices last year; finally, it has also made its way to android devices. Starting from today, players can download the GameClub app from Google Play, whose subscription is priced at $4.99 USD/Month.


To all those unaware of what exactly is GameClub, let us tell you that it is a Mobile Game Subscription service. It’s basically Netflix for mobile game apps. Currently, the subscription service features over 125 mobile games such as Rope Rescue, Spider 2, Puzzlejuice, and Paint it Black.

To be honest, GameClub cannot compete against Apple Arcade and Google Play (other mobile game subscription services), the only sector it prevails in, is that it features many old-style mobile games, unlike its competitors who focus more on brand new games.

So if you are an old school guy like me, then you can give it a shot. Getting access to over 125 Games, without ads and an option to play anywhere, anytime with or without internet that too for just $4.99 USD/Month, GameClub doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.