Top 5 Creepiest Games Available On Mobile

In our fourth month of quarantine, every shooter game feels old. All the puzzles feel old. Horror games are the only way to get some thrill into your lives. But not some ordinary horror game which gets repetitive and linear after a couple of plays. These games will haunt you in the dark and make you feel watched even when you're all alone.


Endless Nightmare

This is 707 Interactive's first horror game, and they have nailed it in the first try. You play as a police officer, James, and your wife and daughter have been murdered. Your goal is to unveil the horrifying truth and find out what happened. A mix of suspense, horror, and creeps. As you investigate areas, you will be hunted by the madwoman.

Eyes can't be trusted in dark rooms, so this game is extremely immersive with headphones on. Hide, run, or attack - it's up to you. Follow your gun in the game and think constantly. Once you find the murders, escape the house full of endless nightmares

Endless Nightmare is an offline game with a captivating storyline, chilling graphics, and multiple modes to improve your instincts. It is available to download on the Google Play.

Identity V

One of the creepiest games manufactured by NetEase Games, Identity V, is an asymmetrical horror game with a gothic art-style, amazing graphics, and 1v4 multiplayer matches for that gut-wrenching horror experience.

Reminiscent of Dead by Daylight, the 1 vs 4 gameplay consists of 4 survivors and one ruthless hunter. To outsmart the raging killer, you have to coordinate with the teammates and decode the cipher machines to open the gates and escape.

The art-style is set in the Victorian Era, with foggy nights and overcast lights. The costumes are dramatic and flashy, throwing us right into the mood the game aims to set. As with the dynamics, the map resets every time you play it, so you never know what to expect next. There are also plenty of characters to choose from, killer and survivor alike. 

Identity V is available to download on the Google Play and App Store.

Eyes: Scary Thriller

Eyes: Scary Thriller, the first paranormal horror game in the listis the mobile version of Eye (console/pc version), but quite different from the original game. You break into a huge, maze-like mansion, and when you try to escape, the monster is after you. This game is jam-packed with jumpscares that you will not get used to even after you beat the game.

Being highly atmospheric, it's best recommended to play this game with earphones and in a dark room to get the full horror experience - if you can handle it. Being that powerful of a game, the controls are fairly simple.

There are multiple monsters and beasts to choose from, or you can create your own with custom audio and design. Many levels are waiting to be unlocked - old haunted house, abandoned building, and many more. There are also many gameplay modes to endure with just a hand-drawn map and the mystical eye rune to see through the monster's eyes.

You can play online and beat the leaderboard or play offline at your own pace. Eyes: Scary Thriller is available to download on the Google Play and App Store.

Hello Neighbour

The pc version of this game was creepy and dark enough, but the mobile version a bit different. Hello Neighbour is a stealth horror game where you sneak around in your neighbor's house to find out what horrifying secrets he's got hidden in his basement. The creepiest part is you play against an advanced AI system that learns from your every move, expecting you to follow a pattern.

The neighbor is constantly breathing down your neck and aggressively hunting you. Bear traps in places you'd never expect. Trying to sneak through the front door once and cameras will be there the next time. There's no point in trying to escape because the neighbor will catch up with you in no time.

With it's bright, vibrant, and loud colors, the graphics really don't give away what a shadowy game this is. Hello Neighbour is available to download on the Google Play and App Store.

Case: Animatronics

Another stealth horror game, Case: Animatronics, is created by ALESON as a truly scary and challenging first-person game. You play as Detective John Bishop, who has had a rough night and is now trapped in the police department, under control of some hackers. You hear metallic thumps everywhere.

There is no security system. The exits are locked. And these metallic thumbs seem to get closer every time you think you've lost them. You have objectives of hiding, running, and keeping your ears open. Solve puzzles to complete the terrifying quests.

You have to be vigilant every step of the way as the animatronics have a tendency to be there when you turn around. Case: Animatronics is available to download on the Google Play and App Store.

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