Tetris brings in battle royale mode and a daily game show with cash prizes !

Tetris by the developer N3twork is a fresh take on the classic game and is constantly evolving. Now the game has a new battle royale mode Tetris Royale. Also, we have Tetris Primetime, a daily game show in which you can compete and win cash prizes.


The Tetris Royale mode is a 100 player battle royale game that lets players create and share levels with friends and family. While the Tetris Primetime is a collage of a video game tournament and a TV game show. Tetris has $1 million in annual cash prize which players can compete for.

The Tetris Primetime starts daily at 7.30 pm in your nearest anchor city timings. Auckland, Perth, Moscow, Berlin, London, New York City, and Los Angeles are the current set of anchor cities at present. The game show will be hosted by Millen Baird, who has appeared in movies such as Housebound.

In the Tetris Royale mode, the last man standing wins it. Winning it will also place you higher in the weekly rankings. You also have the solo marathon mode the traditional game to boost your skills.

Tetris is available to download from App Store and Play Store. It is a free to play title, with the new updates you'll have more reasons to hop in and start playing this game.