How to Steal or Destroy The Tank in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Tank has earned itself pretty polar opinions. Some people love the tank, while some think it has ruined Battle Royal. Regardless of those opinions, one thing we can collectively agree on is that the tank is extremely hard to beat in the game and does stress those endgame players out. Here are ways to destroy the tank or take it for yourself.



If you are going to be playing with a team, everyone should have an FHJ equipped. Statistically speaking, you will only use one gun for the whole match and the second slot is pretty open to take anything. Except for the snipers, everyone should have an FHJ. This way, even if two teammates are dead, at least one will have the launcher equipped.

You can get the FHJ from the explosives crates (red in color) as well as the drops. The game has an abundance of drops, so when the first drop arrives shoot straight for it. Take the basic amount of loot and take a helicopter to the closest drop. Mechanic class is the best for this if you want to quickly get a chopper, as you can see vehicles upto 80 meters.

The FHJ takes four accurate shots to fully destroy the tank. If one of the players is mounted on top, three shots can down that player. If one player is downed, the others are bound to panic and leave the tank. This gives you an index to shoot the other players and then destroy the tank so that no one else can take it.

Or if you know the accurate locations of other enemies, you can board the tank and fire at them and win the match.

Nova Gas

Another underrated and unpopular way to get the tank from your opponent is to spam Nova Gas all over them. This is best if you don't want to carry the FHJ. Even if the tank is full, 3-4 nova gases can wipe out a whole team. As long as you have enough to form a big cloud and stay hidden from your opponents, you will be invincible - because even if they leave the tank they are just getting more exposure to the gas and will eventually die.

You can be more toxic and spam smoke grenades along with nova gas to confuse them entirely. Of course, these tips are most resourceful if you're one of the last two teams or you have a teammate to watch your back and help you spam.

Let us know in the comments if these tricks worked for you or if you have any additional tricks.

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