Bus Simulator: Ultimate Review - Not Your Usual Simulator Game

In every country, Buses are one of the most used modes of transport to travel to your destination, whether it is going to your office or going to meet your girlfriend, buses will help you reach on time. Today in this post we are going to review a recently launched Driving Simulator game named 'Bus Simulator: Ultimate' which is developed by Zuuks Games and was launched in this month itself.


In Bus Simulator: Ultimate Game your motive is to establish your bus company and become the biggest and largest bus corporation in the word. Now unlike any other simulator game, the first thing is that rather than driving a truck and carrying loads from one place to another here you become a bus driver and carry passengers and this makes the game even more difficult.

In this game to carry passengers, you have to drive to a decided location and wait for the people to get in. But from this point, the game gets its uniqueness, unlike carrying goods, there are passengers in your vehicle who have requirements like WiFi, radio, comfortable driving experience as the rest, food breaks, etc. In case you don't provide them with what they need, it will have an effect on their mood, which will affect your total earnings.

If I have to Choose a Driving Simulator Game, This Would Be the One!

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Talking about the Bus Simulator: Ultimate's Gameplay, it is obviously quite similar like any other Driving Simulator Game. Hand Brake, Side-View mirror, automatic drive, horn, headlight, etc. ensures that a player feels the experience of real driving while playing the game on his smartphone. Overall the game has great graphics, simple controls and decent animation with excellent mechanics which make the overall experience quite nice but remember it's really tough to be a perfect driver. The Game is Available to Download both on Appstore and Playstore, you should try it once at least.