Top 3 Best Rated Free Offline Games On Android

Most of the games we play require WiFi or a stable data network to run. And if they do run, the graphics look pastey and the game becomes laggy and bugged out. Here's a list of highly rated games that can be played anytime anywhere because to play these games, there is no requirement of having an active internet connection on your device.


Best Rated Offline Android Games

Alto's Odyssey

This is an adventure game with beautiful graphics and a simple storyline. Your character, Alto, sandboards with his friends in the majestic desert to discover its secrets. The game has stunning visuals and is overall an extremely chill game. Probably the best thing to play after a rough, tiring day.

It's a standalone experience and also has a calming isolated feel. There are is a good variety of biomes as well to explore and glide through. Though it is easy to play, this game does take some skills to master. It's slightly grindy.

Alto's Odyssey is available to download on Google Play Store.


Eternium is a fantasy RPG game, extremely reminiscent of the old formatting and classic graphics. Despite being crisp, the layout of the game is not at all modernized and has a nice medieval feel to it. It has an effortless 'tap to move' navigation and innovative 'swipe to cast' controls so you can glide through the game and have an immersive experience overall.

The developers also stress their aversion to 'pay to win' ideology. All their content is unlocked by playing the game. You can still make in-game purchases but nothing overpowered will be sold to you. The best things in the game are grindable.

Eternium is available to download on Google Play Store.

Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle

This is a highly rated puzzle game based around the concept of Friday The 13th and Jason. It's very fun but also equally mindboggling. The audio design is developed to match the cheesy, classic vibe of the early 2000s slasher horror movies but with a comical twist. There are many hidden elements of humor and murder is satirized.

You play as Jason Voorhees, the murderer and try to escape the prison while also relentlessly killing everyone that comes in his path. There's also different skins for your killer, and you can trade out your old weapons and get shiny new ones. This game will keep your mind working and keep you engaged.

Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is available to download on Google Play Store.

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