Improve Your Aim in PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and Other Shooting Games using 3D Aim Trainer

Want to be a better player in PUBG, CODM, or Free Fire? 3D Aim Trainer is a game/app you can download on your phone as well as play online on your pc. What does it do? Well, as the name suggests, it trains your aiming abilities and makes you better at shooting games by making your aims accurate. Believe me when I say this - Aim Trainer has the ability to transform you into an Aim-Bot.


Of course, you can get this effect by playing those games too. The reason why Aim Trainer is so special is that firstly it doesn't take up as much time as other games do in the matchmaking process. There is no loading, lag, or any distractions. Your mind is focused on one thing, and that is improving your aim. There are various modes and you can adjust the difficulty each time you enter a training session - each of that being Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can also choose modes inside modes.

There are particular modes for the improvement of the following skills in a shooting game - strafe aiming, flicking, firing, and tracking. They have also added a mode for fun which includes zombies. But coming back to the specific modes, it's clear that this app delivers much more than just aim training. These are the most basic elements you need to master to become a pro in Battle Royale games. As of now, they have also added survival mode.

Like in any other shooting game, you can control the settings in terms of sensitivity and field of view. You can switch between first-person and third person. You can replicate the play style of whatever game you play and train, which is extremely helpful and reaps better results.

You can also play with the controls to fully suit your muscle memory. There's no Hud specifically since it's such a simple training game. But there is still a lot of space to personalize and get the best out of your efforts put in.

And perhaps the best feature about Aim Trainer is that you can constantly tally your score and watch your improvement closely. It shows you your personal best at all times, but after each match, it shows you your accuracy, total score, and percentile rank. This lets you be super aware of your improvement and lets you know how hard you need to grind to see the improvement you want to see. It will not only reflect on the results, but also in the leaderboard of your favorite game.

The only main thing you need to keep in mind is, in order to see the result you want to see, you keep to consistently spend time on this app. The least you can start off with is one hour each day. Once you get the hang of it, you will start enjoying it because you will see your progress. It's also important to remember that progress isn't linear and some days you will play really bad but this app will definitely make you a much better player in your favorite game.

You can Download 3D Aim Trainer via Google Play or you can also give it a go on your PC via its official website.