Super Mecha Champions: Everything About the First Update

Hello Mobile Gamers, NetEase released Super Mecha Champions around a month ago, recently the developers released a new patch which is going to bring their very first season – Battle Vanguard in the game. The new update introduced the new season, a new mode and a new hero in the game. So in this post we are going to tell you everything about Super Mecha Champions First ever Update.


Super Mecha Champions New Update Features:

1. Season 1: Battle Vanguard

The new update has introduced the first ever season in the game “Battle Vanguard”. In this season 8 tiers will be available on which a player can reach. The players can advance their tiers by taking part in the various battles and also by completing the season missions. Other than the tier system, new Advance Pass and Premium Pass has also been introduced, which you can purchase by spending real money. By these battle passes players will be able to access the season rewards sooner and are also be able to unlock the weekly elite missions, by which better rewards can be earned. The one more advantage of battle pass is that “S1 Premium Avatar Frame” and “Battle Vanguard Premium Skateboard” are available to the players only who own Premium Pass.

2. 4 vs 4 Team DeathMatch Mode

A new 4 vs 4 Team DeathMatch Mode has been introduced in the game, in this mode two teams each consisting 4 players has to fight against each other in a small to medium size battleground. Every teams has their own base and the players are free to select and switch to any firearm at the base. The player who dies, get respawn in the base after a short period of time. In this mode only 1 Mecha may be used per match, after deploying one Mecha if it is destroyed then players will have to wait for the the cool down to finish before deploying the next Mecha.

3. New Character – Ivan

A new character has been introduced in the game named “Ivan”. This new character has been voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda and his exclusive Mecha “Hosteels” excels at melee attacks and also this character has excellent survivability. It can play multi-purpose roles in the squad, both as tank and damage dealer. Ivan has been made officially available in the game with this update in the game. When you buy the pack for this character, you get both the character and Mecha appearance.

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