What is UID in Call of Duty Mobile?

UID refers to a unique identifier; to put it in simple words; it is a unique identification number given to every player’s account to create his or her unique identity. If you want to know what UID in Call of Duty Mobile is or what it is used for, then you are at the right place because today, in this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about UID in COD Mobile.

What is UID in Call of Duty Mobile?

UID is a unique number assigned to every player of the game. So that when in need, he could be found quickly out of the millions of players playing the game.

Where can You Find your UID Number in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile Players can easily find their UID number by simply going to their profile page. The UID number is written right below the profile image; you can simply copy it and use it whenever you need it.

What is UID used for in Call of Duty Mobile?

  • UID is used for various purposes. When you report a player who is using Cheat, then thanks to UID, Activision can easily find and ban that particular player.
  • When there are in-game events that giveaway actual items such as Mobile Devices, Headphones, etc., then just in case you win such giveaway, you can only claim that reward using UID.
  • UID is also used to identify and give access to the eSports player who further qualifies for future rounds in the eSports tournaments.
  • UID is also required to Redeem Gift Codes in Call of Duty Mobile.

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