Call of Duty Mobile Everything You Need To Know About New SMG 'MP5'

MP5 has been in the popular scene in many games as a universally effective SMG. A go-to. For it to appear in CoD: Mobile is pretty exciting news.


In the Public Test Server of Call of Duty Mobile, it is called the QQ9, but by every angle, it is an MP5. We don't know if the Global version will keep that name or change it, or if it is a bug. 

Comparing its in-game stats to PDW-57, it's way better than it in all sectors except for the damage. The fire rate is the highest of all in the comparison after MSMC. Mobility is also pretty good with MP5. All this makes the gun similar to SMGs like Cordite and RUS-79U, but we can't really trust the in-game stats. The performance of the game can only be properly gaged by gameplay.

The Training Room, which also made an appearance on the test server, is said to have no lag. Hawsnest gleaned the shots to kill, recoil, and hip fire from this only. Though these measurements are only estimates, they give us a vague idea of how the gun is going to be performed when released in the global version.


The gun has a really fast fire rate, and it kicks just as hard - far more than the RUS or Cordite. The recoil is mostly verticle, which scarce spray or inclination to the sides. If you try to control it, though, the recoil isn't half as bad. Especially with a grip on, it's reined a lot more. But it is important to remember that guns that kick hard vertically are worsened and usually lose gunfights because of flinch. One enemy shot can send the gun flying, so a foregrip and good control is called for.


From 6m (estimate), which is the closest shooting board in Training Room, to 16m which is the one after that it takes five clean shots to kill. This means the damage per shot is somewhere between 20-24. Then moving on to boards a bit further than that in 31m, it takes eight shots to kill.

The reload sound is still missing, so we know the gun's mechanics are under development still. And it's known that the stats and performance might be altered in the Global version.

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