Garena Free Fire Tips & Tricks To Become A Pro

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games available on mobile. The game offers you to play solo, or you can team up with friends. In Duo mode, you team up with one more player, and in Squad Mode, you team up with three more players. 

Whether you are playing as a solo or a team, we are going to share some tips and tricks that help you get to Booyah! in every match. As you all know, among all the players/teams, only one can become the winner. So get ready to be the last one standing!


Always Use Headphones / Earphones

Using headphones /earphones is the first thing you need to do when you think of playing Free Fire. The game offers you a 3D voice/sound system that helps you in getting to know the real-time position of enemies. Whether it is ground, house, water, first floor, second floor, etc. everything has a different voice/sound in the game. Using headphones will make the sound clear to be heard by you.

The game also has a voice chat system that helps you in communicating with your teammates. Using headphones make your voice clear to reach to the teammates. You can easily keep your teammates updated with the fight situation.

Never Be Greedy of Kills

If you spot an enemy, before firing at him, let your teammates know about his position. Because if you start firing instantly and alone, there might be a possibility the enemy escapes from your range. But if all of your team is firing at him, there are 100% chances of taking him down. This might result in not getting you his kill, but it should not matter as teamwork should be given priority rather than personal interest.

Play With Friends

Free Fire has an auto-matching system; if you are not in a team and start a duo or squad match, it puts you in a team with random players. Instead of playing with random players, you should play with your friends; this will help you in coordinating better. Playing with friends ensures that you both speak the same language and understand each other.

After the end of a match, you can start another match with your friends, which will help you understand each other's gameplay style and strategies for better coordination because strategy and coordination is the key to win in Free Fire.

Clearly Call Out Enemies

When you are under fire or spot an enemy, you should instantly let your teammates know about his position. But the call should not be like 'enemy in front of me,' enemy at the right... It would be best if you told them the proper direction using the compass given at the top of your screen.

If there is a significant distance between you and your mates, there might be a possibility; the direction is not the same for both of you. In this case, you should use the name of the houses or places like squad house, single-story house, behind the particular cover. By playing regularly, you and mates will make a common understanding of the name of houses.

Designate Roles

There are a lot of roles to be assigned in a game of Free Fire, such as Sniper, Support, etc. Before starting the match, one player can be given a sniper role, who will also spot the enemies using the scopes. The team members should also coordinate with him by providing him with the best scopes available.

Another player can be given the role of Supporter, who will carry medkits, drinks, and other items more than bullets, grenades, etc. One can be a grenadier, who will keep all kinds of grenades with him in enough numbers. So assigning the roles to players will help you in making a better team.

Always Stay With Team

All the members of your team should always be together because if attacked, you can give cover to each other. Because if a single player gets attacked by a team of 4 players, there are fewer chances of defeating them all.

But staying with the teammates doesn't mean sticking with them. There should be enough gap between all of you that if a grenade or other explosive used, only one or maximum two gets taken out, not all of you. The gap should only be close enough to cover each other from the enemy's fire.

Always Take Cover Before Fighting

Before indulging in a fight with enemies, you should always take cover first. Because you might knock out one member of their team, but another can take you down, if you have cover, you have the time to apply medkits and make a comeback. Never take fights in open ground with no covers, it's better to escape from there.

Use Smoke & Gloo Wall Grenades

If the situation arises to take fights in an open ground with no covers, you should use the Smoke and Gloo Wall Grenades. Smoke grenades make a wall of smoke in front of you, giving you enough time to think of the next step, whether to run for a cover or escape. The smoke wall does not stop the bullets but stops enemies from directly aiming at you.

Whereas, Gloo Wall Grenades makes a strong wall in front of you that is capable of taking damage and stopping the bullets. It helps you as a cover in open grounds and also when giving revive to a knocked teammate.

Attack Enemies At Right Time

Attacking enemies immediately after spotting is not a good strategy. If the enemy doesn't know about you, first, you should try to spot his other teammates. If an enemy is near covers and moving towards an open area, you should wait for him to reach in the open area, because there you get a clear view and enough time to take him down.

If two teams are fighting, you should not become a sandwich by jumping between them. Instead, you should wait for one to eliminate others and then immediately attack the survivors because they must have low HP and knocked teammates. It would be best to attack at the right time.

Use Baits

You can consider using one of your teammates as bait when you know the position of all members of the enemy team. The player should be equipped with complete Health as well as boosters, strong armor, and other defensive items. The bait will try to draw the enemy team's attention on himself by making noise.

Meanwhile, your team can attack them directly, or if not in the position, you can consider to flank from there to another position without getting noticed by the enemy team. But always keep an eye on your bait mate to give him cover fire if required.

Hopefully, you find these tips & tricks helpful enough to gain you a victory!