Free Fire Advance Server OB22 Download Error: What Is It & How To Solve?

Free Fire introduced a dedicated Advance Server for experiencing the upcoming features of the game. The developers started taking registrations for the Advance Server from 15th May onward that will go on till 24th May 2020. And the downloads of the Advance Server are supposed to start from today (20th May 2020).


The developers opened the option to download the Free Fire OB22 Advanced Server, but no one could download it because of a loading error. Now let's understand what this error is, and is there any way to fix it and download the Advance Server.

What Is Free Fire Advance Server Downloading Error

Earlier, Free Fire used to give access of Advance Server to the limited players only. This time developers are taking registrations of Advance Server worldwide and opened the downloading option. Developers expected only a few thousands of people to register and download the Free Fire Advance Server, but it did not happen!

The Free Fire Advance Server website was designed to give access to thousands of people only. But as the developers allowed to download the Advance Server, a lot of people (almost ten times of permissible number) tried to access the Website, and it crashed. Because of this, all the Free fire enthusiasts are facing the Advance Server Downloading Error.

How To Solve Free Fire Advance Server Downloading Error

The error has caused due to failure on the part of developers, so there is nothing a player can do to resolve this error and download the advance server. Now, the developers will look into the matter and increase the Website's server size to accommodate more number of people. What you can do is, don't try to access the Website again and again, just wait for some time, it would help the developers in resolving the problem fast.

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