Lemme HUP! - A simple arcade Game

Lemme HUP! is a simple arcade game that is launched for iOS and Android devices. The game is developed by Ken Torii and is inspired by Mario Party's Hot Rope Jump.


The game has a simple concept, the players need to help a dinosaur character called Gyubo to escape from obstacles. All you have to do is to perfectly time the jump and help Gyubo to avoid the obstacles. There will a particular amount of jumps you need to make to enter the next level.

Lemme HUP!

If you don't time your jump perfectly you'll be hit by obstacles and will revert to the first level. So make sure you don't make mistakes. As the level progresses the difficulty gradually increases. The directions, patterns, color, and speed of the obstacles will vary and will pose a challenge to your skill.

Besides making the game much more interesting some visual distractions will bother you time and then. Also, you 'll have the option of upgrading Gyubo with new abilities to overcome the upcoming challenges.

Lemme HUP! is now available to download from the App Store and Play Store. The game is a free to play title with some in-game ads.