Free Fire New Character 'Wolfrahh' Officially Revealed

Free Fire next update OB22 is approaching soon, and the official information has started rolling out after a lot of rumors. As reported by us earlier, there were rumors about Free Fire getting a new character named 'Lucas' with the OB22 update, but no more! The official information has come out, and it has confirmed the new character will be named 'Wolfrahh.'


The officials have announced on the Free Fire Brazil Twitter that the next survivor coming to the Bermuda islands and Kalahari Deserts will be a young man names 'Wolfrahh'. Like all other characters of Free Fire, the new character will also be coming up with a unique special skill to bring you a new gameplay experience.

Free Fire character Wolfrahh comes with a special spotlight skill that reduces the damage to headshots while increases damage to the enemy's arms and legs increases. As you all know, headshots in Free Fire give extra damage to the enemies, and shooting on arms and legs give less damage. But aiming at the head is quite hard in close-combats.

While playing with the Free Fire new character, Wolfrahh, you will be at an advantage in the close combats as well as long-range. Because, while using Wolfrahh, if both you and the enemy are going to start firing at the same time, you are going to win the battle unless it was a headshot. Now, no more headache of keeping your aim at the head for severe blow.

The new character Wolfrahh is going to be available in the Free Fire OB22 update, and the developers have officially announced the Advance Server for the same. The new character will be available on the Free Fire Advance Server for which you can register and download here.

Get ready for a whole new experience with the new character 'Wolfrahh.' Stay in touch for more updates about the Free Fire upcoming OB22 update.

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