Free Fire: How To Get Spikey Spines Items For Free

Free Fire Spikey Spines gang finally arrived in the incubator yesterday (17th May). Spikey Spines were the whole reason behind the ongoing 'Spine Punk' event in the game. Now Free Fire is giving away some Spikey Spines items for free that includes Backpack skin, Gloo wall skin, and Blueprint.


To get the Free Fire Spikey Spins items/skins for free, you need to participate in the Free Fire new event called 'Spine Punk Top Up.' Now, you would say, if we are going to top-up, then how it is free? So the answer is, you just need to top-up diamonds in your account, you do not need to even spend a single diamond on any of them.

The Free Fire Spine Punk Top-Up Event is live in the game from 17th to 21st May 2020. During this period, if you top-up 100 diamonds in your account, you get Spikey Spines Backpack. If you top up 500 diamonds, you get Spikey Spines Gloo Wall. And if you top-up 1000 diamonds, you get Spikey Spines Blueprint. The Blueprint is a required material to craft the Spikey Spines set in the incubator.

You do not need to make three separate top-ups of 100, 500, and 1000 diamonds. If you make a single top-up of 1000 diamonds, you get Spikey Spines Backpack, Gloo Wall, and Blueprint available for claim. After making top-up, you can claim these items from the Events -> Spine Punk Top-Up section.

You can do Top Ups from the Top Up section of Free Fire. But to add something more extra to these extra rewards, we have two other options for you. You can Get 100% Diamond Top-Up Bonus In Free Fire Using Games Kharido. So if you top-up for 100 diamonds, you get 200, or if you top-up for 500 diamonds, you get 1000.

Another option is, you can get Rs. 100 cashback on your first diamond top-up in Free Fire using the UPI Via Paytm. So if you have not used Paytm UPI for doing diamond top-ups earlier, you can use this method to get up to Rs. 100 cashback.

We recommend you to go with 100% Diamond Top-up Bonus option and top-up with 1000 diamonds. By doing this, you will be able to get Spikey Spines Backpack, Gloo Wall, and Blueprint for free, and apart from that, you get extra 1000 diamonds (total 2000 diamonds) in your account that can be used for purchasing various in-game items.

So, participate in the Free Fire Spine Punk Top-Up Event and grab Spikey Spines Backpack, Gloo Wall, and Blueprint for free before it gets ended on 21st May 2020.

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