Top-up In Free Fire By Paytm UPI To Get Rs 100 Cashback

Every Free Fire players want to buy the items available in the game, but for that, you need the diamonds, which are the in-game currency of Free Fire. Diamonds can be purchased in the game using real money. But have you ever thought that you could get your money back if you use them for purchasing diamonds in Free Fire!

Yes, you read it right! Free Fire is giving away up to Rs. 100 cashback (minimum Rs 10) if you Top-up in the game using UPI via Paytm. But this offer is only for first time users, that means if you have not used Paytm UPI in the game earlier, you can grab this cashback that can be used again for doing Top-up [some extra diamonds :-)].


Before starting with the Top-up process, make sure that you have linked your bank account with your Paytm Account and have the UPI ID with you.

Here Is How You Can Get Up To Rs. 100 Bonus By Doing Top-up In Free Fire Using UPI via Paytm:

  1. Go to Top-up section of Free Fire
  2. Select the amount of diamonds you want to Top-up

    There are various amount of diamonds available to choose from, so you have to choose as per your requirement.

  3. Click on the 'Arrow' in front of standard payment option

    The Google Play pop-up will appear that generally shows you the primary option of payment as GPay. So click on the arrow as shown in the picture below to explore more options of the payment.

  4. Choose 'Add bank account with BHIM UPI ID'

    As you scroll down after clicking on the arrow, you will get to see various payment options, at the end of the list you will find this 'Add bank account with BHIM UPI ID' option. Click to choose this option.

  5. Enter your UPI ID & Click on 'Add'

    You can check your UPI ID in the Paytm App.

  6. Now you get to see your UPI ID added

  7. Click on '1-TAP BUY'

  8. Verify Purchase using the security method you have set up

    Some automatic processes will take place after doing this step. Wait for some time, and then it will ask you to open your UPI App.

  9. Minimize Free Fire and Open Paytm App

    Do not close the Free Fire App, simply tap the home button to minimize the game and then open the Paytm App.

  10. Click on the 'UPI' Option

    By scrolling right the Paytm App's Upper Bar options, you can find the UPI option, simply click on that.

  11. Click on 'Pay' below the Payment Requests

    In the Payment Requests section, you will get to see the request to pay the amount of diamonds top-up. Click on the pay, and in the pop-up window again, click on the 'Pay' as shown in the picture below.

  12. Complete the security step (If any)

    After doing this, you have successfully completed the transaction of doing the diamonds top-up in Free Fire using the Paytm UPI.

  13. Scratch the card you received to get the cashback amount

    If you are using the Paytm UPI for the first time to do top-up in Free Fire, you must have received the scratch card. Scratch that card to receive your cashback amount.

After following the steps mentioned above, you have successfully made a top-up of Diamonds in the Free Fire, and along with that, you have received the cashback. Use these items to buy your favorite in-game items and use the cashback amount to make a top-up again.
Top-up and BOOYAH now!


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